John Lee Hooker - The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker - 180g LP

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John Lee Hooker - The Country Blues Of John Lee Hooker - 180g LP
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The Electric Recording Company -  ERC041 -  180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100%  Analogue

300 Copies  Limited Edition

Mastered from the First Generation Analogue Master Tapes

Iconic " Holy Grail " Recordings

AAA 100% Analogue This  LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

John Lee Hooker’s true love was the electric guitar, and he played it like no one else on earth. However, in 1959, acoustic so-called “country blues” was what white, authenticity-obsessed audiences wanted to hear, so that’s what Riverside wanted from Hooker when he went into the studio to record this album, released in January 1960. Rather than duet with his instrument, Hooker’s voice takes the lead here. The album’s crystalline engineering allows the listener to experience that voice as if it was whispering secrets in our ear — which is precisely the effect of “Tupelo Blues.” Captured in this proximity without competition from other instruments, we are able to savor the richness of Hooker’s voice. There were many country blues singers from this period beloved for their crusty delivery, but Hooker’s voice is dark and flowing and smooth. He was the ultimate seducer and here he uses his voice like a mist, waving it in the listener’s vicinity until we are all willingly within his clutches.

ERC will not undertake a repress of any release at any future point.

Yes $555 is a great deal of money for a single record, but considering what an original costs and that this superb sounding reissue is limited to three hundred copies and ERC promises to never press more, it too is likely to appreciate in value over time.
Michael Fremer Sound 9/10 Music 110/10

Holy Grail' recordings by the most revered classical performers -.Sound Investments

At last, collectors, connoisseurs and audiophiles alike can enjoy these enduringly desirable, yet for so long elusive recordings as they were originally intended to be heard, seen and savoured; and without having to re-mortgage their houses to enjoy the privilege.

ERC as it's known, reissues only from analog tape using a restored all-tube playback and cutting chain, reproducing the cover art with startling accuracy to the original. Most of what ERC reissues are long out of print, highly collectible and expensive to buy recordings.The reissues, pressed in limited numbers, quickly sell out and become collector's items themselves.Yes, they are expensive but far less so than the originals, and sonics are superb. Whenever I bring one of the Kogans to in-store events, inevitably, a few people upon hearing, want to buy Michael Fremer Analogue Planet

"The Electric Recording Co. has reached a new standard in terms of simple but exceptional sound and reproduction. It cannot be bettered"     Record Collector 

"It's not only the music thats extraordinary: the sound is warm, textured, gorgeously nuanced. Save for a few little crackles here and there, it's perfect"     The Observer

"Sadly it is the most expensive record in my collection. Happily it is also by far the best, by any definition of the word that one could choose"     Art Dudley - Stereophile

"The Electric Recording Co. records are physically and sonically stunning"     Michael Fremer - Analogplanet

"You know you're in the presence of perfectionism squared"    The Economist

"The warmth and clarity of sound can be heard the moment the needle drops into the groove"     Diplomat Magazine

"Not even Phil Spector, a mono recording fanatic, ever went to such extremes as The Electric Recording Co"       The Daily Telegraph

Officially Sanctioned EMI ALL VALVE Heritage pressings mastered from the first generation analogue master tapes.— Cut in true monaural using 1950's Lyrec / EMI valve tape machines and Ortofon DS522 mono cutter head.— Hand-crafted sleeve artwork faithfully recreated using a vintage letterpress procedure.— Released in strictly limited, individually – numbered editions of 300.— Featuring iconic 'Holy Grail' recordings by the most revered classical performers.Sound Investments

John Lee Hooker is the most down-home of the major post-war blues figures, “a most authentic singer of the way-back, close-to-the-soil kind of blues,” as Orrin Keepnews once wrote. Of his innumerable recordings, The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker is perhaps the truest to Hooker’s Mississippi roots. 

The celebrated guitarist set his usual amplified instrument aside, in exchange for an acoustic guitar, only accompanied by his voice. The result is an intimate, wonderfully varied set of deep Delta blues, moans and boogies. Some songs are autobiographical, others re-workings of blues standards—all stamped with the hauntingly personal John Lee Hooker touch.


Side One:
1. Black Snake
2. How Long Blues
3. Wobblin' Baby
4. She's Long, She's Tall, She Weeps Like A Willow Tree
5. Pea Vine Special
6. Tupelo Blues
7. I'm Prison Bound
Side Two:
1. I Rowed A Little Boat
2. Water Boy
3. Church Bell Tone
4. Bundle Up and Go
5. Good Mornin', Lil' School Girl
6. Behind the Plow


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