Chic - C'est Chic - 180g LP

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Chic - C'est Chic - 180g LP
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Friday Music - FRM-19299 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl -  Pressed at RTI

Producers Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers were quite a savvy pair and knew that disco was as much a formula as anything. As evidenced here, they definitely had their fingers on the pulse of the moment, and used their perceptive touch to craft one of the few truly great disco albums. In fact, you could even argue that C'est Chic very well may be the definitive disco album. After all, countless artists scored dancefloor hits, but few could deliver an album this solid, and nearly as few could deliver one this epochal as well. C'est Chic embodies everything wonderful and excessive about disco at its pixilated peak. It's anything but subtle with its at-the-disco dancefloor mania and after-the-disco bedroom balladry, and Edwards and Rodgers are anything but whimsical with their disco-ballad-disco album sequencing and pseudo-jet-set Euro poshness. Chic would follow C'est Chic with "Good Times," the group's crowning achievement, but never again would Edwards and Rodgers assemble an album as perfectly calculated as C'est Chic.

First time 180-gram vinyl release; limited edition

Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the original Atlantic Records tapes

Original LP cover artwork fully restored

In the early seventies, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards were playing in rock and soul bands across New York City and the east coast, meeting up with Tony Thompson along the way and forming the rudiments of what would become one of the most powerful and successful pop/r&b units ever, known as Chic.

By 1977, they sailed into the top rungs of the charts with their smash debut single Dance, Dance, Dance along with the killer funk of their first album simply titled Chic. A year later, their fortunes multiplied to the top of the charts with C'est Chic. The number one LP was chock full of hit singles, funk madness and probably some of the finest rock/funk/soul beats ever waxed in a studio. Featuring the huge chart toppers "Le Freak" and the super soul of "I Want Your Love," Chic truly were at the top of their game around the world. Along with vocalists Alfa Anderson, Norma Jean Wright and future superstar Luther Vandross , Chic was the band of choice for party people, dance clubs and radio stations all over with this brilliant album.

With star power tracks such as "Happy Man" and the stellar instrumental fare of "Savoir Faire," C'est Chic would become a staple at retail and sell over six million units during its first run at retail. Chic's importance is celebrated today as number one bands such as Daft Punk have paid tribute and collaborated with the funk and dance groove master himself, Mr. Nile Rodgers. This classic album C'est Chic has been out of print on vinyl for decades....that is until now!

    1. Chic Cheer
    2. Le Freak
    3. Savoir Faire
    4. Happy Man
    5. I Want Your Love
    6. At Last I Am Free
    7. Sometimes You Win
    8. (Funny) Bone

Chic - C'est Chic - 180g LP RTI 180 HQ Vinyl
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