The Funk Firm FXR-2 Tonearm

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The Funk Firm FXR-2 Tonearm
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 HiFi+ Magazine Tonearm of the Year 2019

I’m happy to award the FXR an Exceptional Value Award his fine tonearm is now an integral part of my analog arsenal, and I look forward to investigating more of the company’s offerings. Very highly recommended. -  Tone Audio Review

### £ 150 Off Any MM/MC Cartridge  

HiFi+ Tonearm of the Year 2019
A comprehensive re-working of the industry standard Rega arm
Cross Beam technology considerably stiffens arm and reduces colouration
The bearings are upgraded to the highest possible quality (AEC7)
Falling weight style of bias adjustment, an improvement over the standard magnetic bias
Available in lengths up to 12”
Fits all turntables that can use a Rega mounting plate

* Prices include VAT, plus delivery
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