Funk Firm - FXR II 12 Inch Tonearm

Funk Firm - FXR II 12 Inch Tonearm

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Funk Firm - FXR II 12 Inch Tonearm
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I’m happy to award the FX•R an Exceptional Value Award for 2012. This fine tonearm is now an integral part of my analog arsenal, and I look forward to investigating more of the company’s offerings. Very highly recommended. -  Tone Audio Review

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Funk Firm’s “Think of [the FX•R] as a Ford Cosworth or an AMG Mercedes” pitch repeatedly comes to mind during listening sessions. With direct comparisons via MoFi’s recent remasters of James Taylor’s JT and Rod Stewart’s Gasoline Alley, the FX•R always digs deeper into the music, not only painting a bigger sound space but rewarding with more decay and bits of information obscured by the other setup. Isn’t this what it’s all about for maniacal audiophiles?
There’s no question the FX•R extracts more music from grooves than the SME 309 or Rega RB1000. Warhorse tracks I’ve heard many times before always bring forth previously unnoticed details. Slayer had more bite, Sonic Youth more grit, and even Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is again a pleasure.
Makes the Grade


This is all about subtlety, for which one usually needs to shell out big bucks in analog. It’s refreshing to see a component this good that isn’t out of reach of most audiophiles. Even with a modest cartridge, the Funk Firm FX•R sets a new benchmark for what’s possible at $2,000 and still, remains up to task by going beyond the Sumiko Pearwood and moving up to the Sumiko Palo Santos, Koetsu Urushi Blue, and SoundSmith Susurro Paua by taking advantage of these premium cartridges’ additional resolution.
For the moment though, I can’t get enough of this Funky stuff and I can’t recommend this arm highly enough either. It’s a true ‘pick-up’ arm in a land of ‘tonearms’. If you can handle the truth, the FXR II is where you start to hear it.
HIFI +  Magazine Review
We can do no better than repeat the following from a reviewer who upon comparing 
FX-R against a £2000+ world reference was overheard quietly muttering:

"It's remarkable how the music comes through when the arm is not in the way"
That has thrust FX-R instantly into super-arm territory. 
 based on a fully re-worked Rega 301, FX-R is modestly priced.

We believe it currently heads the field - yes it really is that good.

Bass clarity, midband transparency, treble sweetness, all there. Pretty ordinary? 
Music makes more sense and the listener is "ever closer".
Against a master tape, FXR II easily distinguishes with smoothness and balance and openness. It shows just how far the gap is closing.

F•XR II is Funk's ongoing ingenuity in revealing more from the groove.

In use F•XR II is very practical:
An easy-change cartridge mount permits convenient cartridge change.
F•XR II's mounting base is Rega compatible yet has fully adjustable VTA. 


### £ 175 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice    ###

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