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The Grande’s sound capabilities are remarkably precisely focussed, giving tonal contours and depth that one can grasp whilst at the same time exhibiting an uncluttered, unbridled transparency. "  Audio Magazine

### Chassis/no arm - please select Tonearm required @ checkout )
£ 200 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice or Ortofon Quintet Red  ###
Super Deck Grande is Funk's take on a turntable with two arms 9" or 12". 
Two arms? Why? What a waste of money. ...or is it?
One obvious answer is when you have a collection of mono recording, which requires a different stylus. With two arms, this saves the inconvenience of constantly changing over. To some that might seem a(n unnecessary) luxury. 
But what if you have an expensive cartridge? There are two very obvious occasions when a second arm would be more than useful: 
The first is when you are in "background" music mode. With each play of a record costing about £1, this is both an incredible "waste" your expensive stylus playing records when you are not fully attentive especially if you add in the inconvenience of waiting to replace your stylus.
The second is if there is a risk the stylus might get damaged - partying! 
Suddenly the cost of a second arm becomes more than easily justified. 
Of course this is really only relevant if the deck itslef is up to a minimum level of performance...
Super Deck Grande is Little Super Deck's bigger brother, so starts with an assured pedigree. 
The arms are The all-new F-512 a 12" variant of the F5 / II arm and also FX-3, using our famous F.X arm beam technology. How good are they?
Rather than listen to us go on, how about these comments and conclusions from a German magazine: (Audio, March 2015)
"...Just like the Little Super Deck before (AUDIO12/12) the Grande’s sound capabilities are remarkably precisely focussed, giving tonal contours and depth that one can grasp whilst at the same time exhibiting an uncluttered, unbridled transparency. "
"Wow and Flutter: SDG has set a new record with an all-time low value. "
" Rumble: The results (nearly -82dB): hard to obtain if not impossible from turntables costing many times that figure. "
"It appears there is more to the “Vector-Drive” design by Arthur Khoubesserian than just a cool name. "
Of the "comparatively cheap F5-12":
"...this Japanese MC-Classic (Denon DL-103) combined with the Funk sounded so good in a manner the reviewer has seldom heard"
of FX3:
"Even more astonishing", the lighter FX3, fitted with an Ortofon 2M Bronze, "lifts another veil" to present another layer of detail which at the same time displayed "fire like dynamics that no one would expect or trust to come from such a fragile arm tube". The complex structure of the arm tube, with its internal carbon fibre bracing, has seemingly come to fruition. "
In conclusion:
It seems difficult, to denote this record player package costing €4500,- to be an outright bargain, but it’s high intensive, neutral tone makes the Funk just that, a bargain....
Arthur Khoubesserian with his Super Deck Grande shows the analogue community that a record player with "perfect measurements", "a world class sound" and good day-to-day useability, "doesn’t need to cost a fortune". In addition he offers vinyl fans an easy route to a relatively solution to have a second arm, be it right off the bat or later as an upgrade.
Super Deck Grande has been accepted into the very limited range of "Outstanding Reference Products" a very affordable price and is only five units down from the number one product costing 50 times more. (€125,000!)
### £ 200 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice   or Ortofon Quintet Red  ###

SD Grande accommodates two arms, a normal 9”: F5, F7 or FX3 and a 12”

78rpm lovers are catered for as well.A front mounted speed control takes the 45 rpm speed setting and varies it to 86 rpm.A fuss-free, vector-driven, two-arm turntable for 12” lovers. 78 rpm on request.   ### £ 200 worth of Free Vinyl of Your Choice or    Ortofon Quintet Red  ###

Large range of MM/MC Stereo , Mono & 78rpm Cartridges can be Supplied

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