Funk Firm FX3 Tonearm

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Funk Firm FX3 Tonearm
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£250 off any MC/MM Cartridge or £250 free Vinyl records

FX3 HiFi+ Magazine Tonearm of the Year 2019

One of the best sounding tonearms available, regardless of price

The new FX3 arm is built entirely in-house. This long awaited arm is no longer limited by the previous out-sourced Rega pillar, vertical bearing, counterweight and anti-skating mechanism. Coupled with the patented F•X Arm Beam technology, this new arm is exceptional.

  • F•X ARM BEAM has ultra low resonance with superior rigidity and sound quality equal to or better than highly respected arms at many times the price. Available in 9" and 12" lengths.

  • ADJUSTABLE ARM MASS: Sliding weight on arm allows adjustable arm mass and or tracking force.

  • PRECISION ABEC 7 BEARINGS (same as SME V) reduce friction and hence the load on the stylus.

  • SIMPLE CARTRIDGE MOUNT: Multiple cartridges can easily be changed.

  • AZIMUTH ADJUSTMENT: Unlike most arms, Azimuth is fully adjustable.

  • VTA ADJUSTMENT: Unlike Rega arms, VTA is fully adjustable.

  • LINEAR ANTI-SKATING mechanism.

  • TEFLON insulated internal wiring.

  • GROUNDED: The signal is protected by a coherently earthed tube.

  • CAPTIVE EXTERNAL CABLE OR 5-PIN DIN: Available with a captive external cable with wiring straight through from cartridge to RCA Phono plug or with a 5-pin DIN connector for use with a detachable cable of your choice (not included).

  • REGA MOUNT COMPATIBLE: Fits 22mm diameter hole and three mounting screws.

Effective Length

9" arm is 237mm



Head-shell offset angle

22.9 degree

Mounting hole diameter



FX3 9 Inch & 12 Inch with Rca or Din Connections - Rega Cutout or Linn & Technics to order 

Funk Firm Saffire / X3 - Funk Firm Vector / FX3 ( tURNTABLES SHOWN ARE NOT INCLUDED )

Funk Firm Saffire-FX3 Vinyl Turntable – Doug Brady HiFi


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