Funk Firm Flamenca Turntable + F7 Tonearm

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TAS - 2015 BUYER'S GUIDE: TURNTABLES $1500-$5000

Funk Firm Flamenca $1599
Funk Firm has been innovating for a long time, and the Flamenca paired with Funk’s new F6 tonearm is about as good as it gets for $1600. No, it’s not a Well Tempered tonearm; it’s actually a threadbearing “pickup,” which sounds like dreamy air when playing your favorite vinyl. Though setup is a little tricky with a thread-bearing ’arm, your patience will be rewarded with glorious analog sound, and at an affordable price. Definitely a contender for best turntable under $2k  TAS 2015 Buyers Guide

Flamenca—it excels at the highs and mids, and portrays music within a surprisingly focused and deep soundstage. Despite its slightly elevated surface noise, the ’table suffers little with vibration issues, and is a sleek design that won’t kill your budget. We can always dream of the ultra-high-end turntables, but for those of us on a Camaro budget the Funk Firm Flamenca will give your system that much needed performance boost— and for a lot less than a supercharger  - The Absolute Sound 

The new entry level turntable from The Funk Firm has arrived! Already the recipient of a Five-Globe “Outstanding” review in HiFi World

In order to deliver on a promise of a seductive performance it should come as no surprise that Flamenca is no conventional, cut corners basic offering.
With 2-speeds, Flamenca has an all-new motor and circuit and Funk’s new F6 arm.
An obvious distinguishing feature is the cord that drives the platter. The use of a very thin filament (a mere .15mm in diameter) has been borrowed from high-end turntable design and together with the high quality delivers an unexpectedly high level of technical excellence in terms of musical stability.
The glass platter is clearly a critical component and has to be machined to very tight tolerances; married with the precision bearing it forms a single part which is the heart of the turntable.
Achromat  Not Included
Full range of MM & MC Cartridges can be Supplied or Fitted ( Package Price add at Checkout )
Flamenca is Funk’s new entry-level turntable. This new deck has been designed in-house and has also been designed from the ground up. There is no tweaking a few features and adding a new name badge here. Although belt driven, the conventional rubber belt has been rejected in favour of a monofilament, peripheral drive. In fact, monofilaments are a recurring theme in this design. Flamenca sports Funk’s new F6 arm, which also uses monofilaments for the bearing system. Cost-effective and dual speed, the F6 is advanced yet very straightforward to setup and use. The result is a technically advanced turntable system of unusual musical articulation.
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