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Funk LSD + F5 Tonearm + Ortofon 2M Blue MM Cartridge or Qintet Red MC Cartridge

Things that reference hallucinogenic drugs tend to pique my interest.  And the Little Super Deck (or LSD) from the Funk Firm will indeed take you on a trip to vinyl bliss, doing so for a lot less money than you’d expect—$1,995 to be exact. TONE Audio
The LSD strikes such a good equilibrium of basic, balanced aesthetics and the ability to reveal a lot of music that it may actually be a destination turntable for many analog aficionados.  Those stepping up from anything in the $500-to-$1,000 range will be shocked at how much music is lurking in their record collection.
And because of this, we are happy to award it one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013. - Tone Audio
The LSD, in music terms, takes you ‘higher’ in terms of sonic performance. The only psychotic episode you’ll have with this deck will involve the new frequency colours it will introduce to your audiophile consciousness. .GOOD: midrange insight, organic bass, emotive performance, set-up options  BAD: nothing Sound 9/10 The Audiophile Man

Although this is a one-product review, it’s actually two products in one. The LSD is a fine turntable in its own right – I’m trying desperately not to call it the LPT of today, but it’s just so right in the same ways the LPT was just so right, it’s hard not to make the comparison. I think in fact it’s probably the LPT’s better in many ways, especially precision and pitch accuracy and bass depth. In some respects. And then there’s the F5 arm, which could be used in any Rega arm hole. That’s the real gem here. It’s not an expensive arm and it doesn’t have that engineering masterpiece finish, but it’s got it right where it counts, in the sound quality stakes. It makes many an arm that fits in that Rega mount sound arch and uneven.The whole is not better than the sum of the parts here. But that doesn’t matter, because the parts are extremely good in their own right. No bad acid here, just a remarkably good turntable and arm. - TheAbsoluteSound


Funk Firm's Arthur Khoubesserian started designing turntables in 1979. 33 and 1/3 years later, the new LSD 'table trips onto the analog stage. For just under two grand, the new "Little Super Deck" uses Funk Firm's patented Vector Drive, a three-point drive system that uses one DC motor and two slave pulleys to provide unsurpassed stability. The new F5 arm allows for simple setup with an innovative calibrated sliding weight on the arm beam—the perfect support for any cartridge .  platter comes with Funk Achromat. We spent a few late nights listening into the early morning with the LSD, and all felt the rhythmic drive and tremendous control of this masterfully built, gorgeous design.

"Putting the Funk Firm LSD through its paces proves that this table is a steal for $2,000. I could not find fault with the LSD, no matter what kind of music I listened to. Those stepping up from anything in the $500-to-$1,000 range will be shocked at how much music is lurking in their record collection. And because of this, we are happy to award it one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2013!" 
– Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio

LSD's platter may be industry standard but it rotates on top of a quality, hand burnished bearing. In turn this is driven by a superb motor and control, stabilized by a unique three-pulley vector drive, which has delivered great results. The new F5 tonearm may be budget priced, but careful choice of materials and constructions have resulted in a design with its resonances very well behaved. A clever variable mass tracking weight system helps optimize the arm for different cartridges which themselves really do have different preferences for arm characteristics and a nifty headshell that makes fitting cartridges and adjusting the important parameters of overhang and azimuth easy using just a single screw.

"I have taken quite a liking to the Little Super Deck. The focus is always on the musical content of the grooves. Throughout my listening I felt involved with the music, rather than just listening to it, which is surely the whole point of the exercise."
– Tony Bolton, HiFi World

Dust Cover & 5mm Achromat Included  
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