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Packed with innovation, The Funk Firm turntable flies in the face of design tradition It’s a quirky design and takes care to set up but, once you play music through it, you shout out, “Oh I seeeee. Thats why!” Everything makes sense. The sound quality of the Gett!, for any price point, is quite superb. For this price point, though, its absolutely brilliant. An amazing turntable and one that is highly recommended.- 9/10 Deeply Groovy theaudiophileman 

The Gett! shows it can deliver a seriously impressive performance. The Goldring E3 is excellent – it is unreasonably good for £100 – but moving to the superbly capable Nagaoka MP150 lifts the performance considerably. This is important because the Nagaoka is more expensive than you might traditionally pair with a turntable of this nature. Impressively, the Gett! still has more to give. Putting the Rega Ania on there – a cartridge fully 80% the all up price of the Gett! itself, still shows the Funk making progress. There is a considerable amount of stretch in this little turntable.the incredible capability of this deceptively simple looking design will be too impressive to ignore. For this reason, the Gett! is worthy of recommendation.Outstanding Sonic Performance -  Sound 9/10 AV Forum

Offering a combination of precise control over more potentially chaotic frequencies, detail, air and space in the midrange, with impressive lower-end performance, this innovative and well-designed turntable delivers something that’s a little different from anything else out there in this price bracket. In conclusion, it’s one of the best turntables you can buy for under £1,000- .LongLiveVinyl

The Gett! is a quite brilliant turntable and, for the relatively low price, it’s a stunning package. Its design innovations point the way to top quality sound. Every house should have one.TheVinylFactory

The new GETT! from The Funk Firm brings a whole new level of performance to the budget-conscious vinyl-player market .

The new GETT! is based on the fundamental principles that Arthur Khoubesserian’s turntables are known for….’music first’ !

The GETT! uses the foundation of the more expensive Flamenca, using a high-density acrylic-platter and Funks proven DC motor design with an O-ring rim drive, and Electronic speed control for accurate 33 and 45 rpm.

The new F7 pickup arm is a further refinement of the thread-bearing design first introduced in the F6 pickup arm.

This unique suspension design works like a hybrid uni-pivot bearing with easy adjustments for VTA, antiskate, and azimuth.

Note: the F7 is available separately as an upgrade for other turntables with standard Rega geometry.

The GETT is supplied with a Dust cover (not shown). Cartridge Shown not included.

Funk Firm Gett Turntable

No Cartridge Supplied as Standard - Cartridge Package Deals Select @ Checkout 

Full Range of MM/MC Cartridges can be Supplied & Fitted 

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