Michael Garrick Sextet with Don Rendell & Ian Carr - Prelude To Heart Is A lotus - 180g LP

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Michael Garrick Sextet with Don Rendell & Ian Carr - Prelude To Heart Is A lotus - 180g LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Gearbox  - GB1517 - 180 Gram Vinyl - 

All Analogue Valve Mastering - Limited Edition -  Previously Unreleased

Prelude to Heart is a Lotus is a 1968 BBC Jazz in Britain recording now released for the first time. Pianist and composer Michael Garrick was 35 years old and together with close associates - saxophonist Don Rendell and trumpeter Ian Carr - was defining innovative new directions in British jazz. Prelude to Heart is a Lotus is the precursor to the Argo Records Heart is a Lotus studio album which was released two years later, and this remarkable music shines a new light on an extraordinary period of creativity in Garrick’s long career.

A real lost treasure from the legendary Michael Garrick – a set that stands strongly with all of his classic albums of the late 60s, but which is issued here for the first time ever! As the title implies, the recording is a bit of a prelude to the Heart Is A Lotus album – as it shares a few compositions and a few group members with that wonderful set – but the overall feel is different, too – in that the album's all instrumental, and stretches out with really wonderful solos over modal rhythms – a bit more like some of Garrick's mid 60s recordings! Michael himself plays piano, harpsichord, and celeste – and the album features sublime solos from Don Rendell on soprano sax, alto, and flute, plus trumpet from Ian Carr – over wonderful rhythms from Coleridge Goode on bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums and percussion. This is hardly demo material at all – as the recording quality is totally top-shelf – and beautifully remastered here. Titles include "Song By The Sea", "Temple Dancer", "Sweet & Sugary Candy", "Heart Is A Lotus", and "Little Girl". LP

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Prelude… is a hitherto unavailable BBC Radio recording (from 1968) which offers earlier versions of three numbers from pianist and composer Garrick’s 1970 LP Heart is a Lotus, a Londoner’s rain-streaked riposte to modal jazz exotica. The title track is a 1960s classic – with Garrick’s harpsichord creating a floaty vibe closer to ambient acid-folk than the Dankworthian bop heard elsewhere – but everything is interesting, not least for the spotlight it shines on such a masterful composer. Warning: contains jazz flute. - TheIndependent Oct 2013

Michael Garrick: piano, harpsichord, celeste
Don Rendell: soprano & alto saxophone, flute
Ian Carr: trumpet
Jim Philip: flute
Coleridge Goode: double bass
Trevor Tomkins: percussion

Side 1

Heart Is A Lotus

Sweet And Sugary Candy

Side 2

Webster’s Mood

Song By The Sea

Temple Dancer

Little Girl

All compositions by Michael Garrick

In House  Mastering on Vintage & Modern All Analogue Valve Mastering

Haeco Scully lathe, Western Electric cutting amps and head; Maselec master control, EQ and de-esser; original Lang Pultec EQ; Urei high and low pass filters; fully restored Studer C37 and ex Decca Philips Pro51 tape machines; Nagra SN stereo reel to reel for field recording; Telefunken U73b compressor/limiter; Telefunken V72 and V76 mic preamps; Audionote 211 valve monitoring amps, speakers and turntable


Michael Garrick Sextet with Don Rendell & Ian Carr - Prelude To Heart Is A lotus - 180g LP

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