Anthony Wilson - Frogtown - 180g 2LP

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Anthony Wilson - Frogtown - 180g 2LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Mastered by Bernie Grundman - GHR-004LP - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - Pressed at RTI  

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From the first note of the first song Frogtown engages and it doesn’t let go of its considerable grip for four sides. Don’t worry, I’m not going to write Frogtown “has legs”. Oops. I just did Sound 10/10 Music 10/10 Michael Fremer Analogue Planet

 Wilson has recorded for the audiophile label Groove Note, and his records are generally excellent sounding. Frogtown is open and airy, with a relaxed, warm clarity that suits the music. Instruments are beautifully captured tonally and texturally, and Wilson’s voice is nicely integrated with the unfussy mix.  - Wayne Garcia TAS The Absolute Sound Top 10 Records 2016

"Frogtown," a new album of original songs, is guitarist Anthony Wilson's most wide-ranging recorded work to date, and his debut as a singer. Wilson enlisted Grammy-winning producer/bassist Mike Elizondo and a cast of musicians including legendary drummer Jim Keltner, violinist Petra Haden, and iconic saxophonist Charles Lloyd, to help him realize his vision. Virtuosic guitar and ensemble work, well-crafted songs, and intimate vocals drive this album, rooted deeply in jazz while summoning an array of diverse influences. "Frogtown" reaches across genres and evokes complex emotional landscapes. With "Frogtown," Anthony Wilson steps confidently into the center of a vivid musical and personal portrait.

"From the first note of the first song Frogtown engages and it doesn’t let go of its considerable grip for four sides. Music: 10 / Sound: 10" -- Michael Fremer, Analog Planet

The lacquers for this edition of Frogtown on 180-gram HQ vinyl were cut from the original 96K/24bit digital files by mastering legend Bernie Grundman, and the vinyl was pressed at RTI. This is a spectacular sounding analog edition. 

The package includes a poster-size "Frogtown" foldout and lyric sheet.

“Frogtown,” a new album of original instrumental and vocal songs, is guitarist Anthony Wilson’s widest-ranging work to date, and his debut as a vocalist. 

Wilson enlisted Grammy-winning producer/bassist Mike Elizondo (Gary Clark Jr., Kimbra, Ry Cooder), a longtime friend and musical colleague, to help him realize this collection of layered and personal sonic stories. 

Featuring a cast of renowned musicians — drummers Jim Keltner and Matt Chamberlain, violinist Petra Haden, and keyboardists Patrick Warren and Josh Nelson — each song on “Frogtown” evokes a distinct feeling and landscape, and takes the listener someplace new. 
Virtuosic guitar and ensemble work, well-made songs and detailed arrangements, and intimate vocals are the driving forces of the album. 

An album highlight is the song “Your Footprints” — written by Wilson with songwriter Dan Wilson (Adele, Taylor Swift, Semisonic) — featuring a special guest appearance from iconic jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd. 
The collaboration with Lloyd alludes to Wilson’s deep jazz roots, and evokes memories of his father, the late, great composer/bandleader Gerald Wilson. 

Other songs summon varied musical influences — FM radio of the 1970’s, Ry Cooder’s diverse body of work, children’s rhymes, guitar styles from the 1920’s to the present day. 

“Frogtown” travels into, through, and beyond genres; the album's melodies and lyrics guide the listener through tender and complex emotional landscapes. 

Anthony Wilson steps confidently into the center of the frame for this musical and personal portrait.

Anthony Wilson — all guitars, vocals 
Petra Haden — violin, bird whistle 
Mike Elizondo — bass, synth bass 
Patrick Warren — piano, organ, pump organ, autoharp, 
keyboards & samples 
Jim Keltner — drums & percussion (tracks 1, 2, 5, 9, 10, 12) 
Matt Chamberlain — drums & percussion (tracks 3 — 8, 11) 

Charles Lloyd — tenor saxophone on “Your Footprints” 

Jesse Harris — harmonica (track 9) 
Josh Nelson — piano (tracks 5 & 10) 
Daniel Rosenboom — trumpet 
Bob Reynolds — tenor saxophone 
Adam Schroeder — baritone saxophone, bass clarinet 

Produced by Mike Elizondo 
Recorded at Can-Am Recorders 
Engineered and mixed by Adam Hawkins 
Assistant engineers — Brent Arrowood, Robert Rossman, Alonzo Lazaro 
Mastered by Bernie Grundman 
Audio consultation by Joe Harley 

Designed by Aamp Studio 
Portrait Photograph by Jesse Harris 
Printed by Stumptown Printers 

LP 1
Side A:
1. She Won't Look Back
2. Frogtown
3. Your Footprints
Side B:
4. Occhi di Bambola
5. Silver and Flint
6. Our Affair

LP 2
Side C:
7. The Cares of A Family Man
8. Mopeds
9. Arcadia
Side D:
10. The Geranium
11. Shabby Bird
12. I Saw It Through the Skylight
13. Downtown Abbey

Anthony Wilson - Frogtown - 180g 2LP

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