Jacintha - Here's to Ben ( One-Step Numbered Limited Edition ) - 45rpm 180g 2LP

Product no.: GRV1001-451S

Jacintha - Here's to Ben ( One-Step Numbered Limited Edition ) - 45rpm 180g 2LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Groove Note - GRV1001-45/S - Unique One-Step Supersonic Process

180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100% Analogue - Mastered By Bernie Grundman -  

1,500 Numbered Edition  - Limited Edition - Pressed at RTI 

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Sounds amazing A must have for audiophiles 5/5 LPreview

1,500 Numbered Strictly Limited Edition
20th Anniversary One-Step Plating 45rpm Vinyl Edition!
Pressed at RTI!
Newly Re-cut From Original 30 ips Direct To 2-Track All Analogue Stereo Master By Bernie Grundman!

Already a tremendous figure in her native Singapore, Jacintha has turned heads and ears in this country as well. With an outstanding singing style, Jacintha enraptures you in a perpetual state of musical bliss! 

Jacintha debuted in the U.S. with a tribute to the legendary tenor saxophone player: Ben Webster. The songs were specially selected to reflect this premise, i.e. they are mostly great vocal standards and/or ballads that have been recorded by Webster many times and are thus associated with his particular style and name. Some of these songs like Stardust, How Long Has This Been Going On, Georgia and Our Love is Here to Stay, Over The Rainbow are Webster classics. 

The original album was recorded at the famous OceanWay Recording Studios in Los Angeles, via all-analogue, direct to two-track. The recording was made on an ATR-100 tape machine with BASF-900 1/4’ high resolution tape running at 30ips. Only vintage microphones were used including the Neumann M-49 tube microphone set-up for Jacintha’s voice. The other microphones used (for the musicians) included Neumann M-50 and U-47. The recording and mastering cabling for this session was supplied by Audioquest (Lapis). Mastered by Bernie Grundman direct from the original analogue masters on his highly modified and customized tube driven Sculley cutting lathe.

Groove Note is proud to announce the 20th anniversary release of GRV1001 Jacintha Here’s To Ben in a very special One-step plating vinyl LP edition. This double 45 rpm release is a Numbered Strictly Limited Edition packaged in a new deluxe gatefold jacket.

All the lacquers are newly cut from the original 30 ips direct to 2 track all analogue stereo master by Bernie Grundman.

 One-Step and Why It Is Superior
Instead of utilizing the industry-standard three-step lacquer process,  One-Step  uses only one step, bypassing two processes of generational loss. While three-step processing is designed for optimum yield and efficiency,  for the ultimate in sound quality. These lacquers are used to create a very fragile, pristine stamper called a "convert." Delicate "converts" are then formed into the actual record stampers, producing a final product that literally and figuratively brings you closer to the music. By skipping the additional steps of pulling another positive and an additional negative, as done in the three-step process used in standard pressings, onestep produces a final LP with the lowest noise floor possible today. The removal of the additional two steps of generational loss in the plating process reveals tremendous amounts of extra musical detail and dynamics, which are otherwise lost due to the standard copying process. The exclusive nature of these very limited pressings guarantees that everyonestep pressing serves as an immaculate replica of the lacquer sourced directly from the original master tape. Every conceivable aspect of vinyl production is optimized to produce the most perfect record album available 

• 20th Anniversary Edition
• Numbered Strictly Limited Edition - 1500 copies
• One-Step Plating
• 180g 45rpm 
• Double LP
• Pressed at RTI
• Lacquers newly re-cut from original 30 ips direct to 2 track all analogue stereo master by Bernie Grundman
• New Deluxe Gatefold Jacket

Jacintha, vocals
Teddy Edwards, tenor saxophone
Kei Akagi, piano
Darek Oles, bass
Larance Marable, drums

1. Georgia on my Mind
2. Our Love is Here to Stay 
3. Tenderly 
4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow,
5. How Long Has this Been Going On?,
6. Stardust
7. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
8. Pennies From Heaven
9. Danny Boy
10. The Look of Love

Jacintha - Here's to Ben: ( One-Step Numbered Limited Edition ) - 45rpm 180g 2LP


What makes one-step, at least in theory, promise better sound? The basic idea is that, like the grade-school game where a message is whispered down a line of children, information can be lost or changed with every extra step.

Traditional record manufacturing is designed to produce massive amounts of LPs as inexpensively as possible. To do that, a three-step process is standard. This involves using the source material to create a lacquer, followed by a “father,” or negative, and next a “mother,” or positive. The final stamper is made from the mother and is used to form the vinyl.

The key here is that one mother can create more than a hundred stampers, with each stamper capable of pressing hundreds or even thousands of vinyl records. Collectors generally seek early copies of first pressings, because those are thought to have the best groove integrity. The closer you get to a pristine mother, and the earlier the LP is made with a new stamper, the better.

One-step, however, ensures there’s little degradation by bypassing the father and mother altogether. The source material is used to produce a lacquer, which engineers plate to make a special stamper, called a “convert.” Theoretically, this protects the shape and accuracy of the groove, which is only about the size of a human hair. But the method also is not without its hair-raising dangers.

Record Technology is a world class record pressing plant located in Camarillo, California. We have been operating since 1974, pressing for most audiophile record labels and for many quality minded independent and major record labels from around the world.

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