Jelco HS-25 Magnesium Headshell 12 Gram Silver

Jelco HS-25 Magnesium Headshell 12 Gram Silver

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Jelco HS-25 Magnesium Headshell 12 Gram Silver
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Jelco HS-25 Turntable Cartridge Headshell.

This is the second from the top of the line Jelco headshell, it features a magnesium body and it also has OFC Litz lead wires that are wrapped in silk- a terrific cover for wires. This headshell has an azimuth control so you can dial in your cartridge, it also has bayonette prongs on the top and bottom for a very secure seat in your tonearm. Comes in Black or Gray (silver) to match the Jelco tonearms with Side screw Fingerlift

in  Silver bronze or Black Color and is made by Jelco Ichikawa Jewel Co. Ltd in Japan.

This headshell net weight is 12g. Headshell is made by Magnesite Alloy

HS-25 is the premium headshell, provides azimuth adjustment, and is the included with the SA-750 tonearms.

Weight 12 Grams
Ideal for Swapping , Changing &  Spare  Stereo / Mono Cartridges
Jelco or SME tonearms
Colour Black or Silver 
Equipped with the finest quality OFC Copper Litz cartridge connection wires.

Azimuth is adjustable by releasing the screw on the side of the shell.

Standard 1/2 Inch Mount
Bayonet connection 
Added Rigidity
Litz Wire Leads
Hex bolt Hardware Package
Adjustable Azimuth
Comes with LC-OFC headshell leads
Gold plate cartridge clips
Headshell weight: 11.396g

  • Jelco SA-750 Tonearm shown NOT Included


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Jelco have been in business since 1920 and have manufactured tone-arms for the world's biggest-name turntable producers. Manufacturers that have marketed Jelco arms under their own names include Koetsu, Sumiko, Audioquest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham. In fact, Jelco manufactured the famous Sumiko MMT and the Linn Ittock II. 

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