Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Rain Coat 20th Anniversary - 24k Gold CD

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Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Rain Coat 20th Anniversary - 24k Gold CD
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Impex - IMP8301-2  - 24Karat Gold CD -  Bonus Tracks - Hardcover

Mastered by Bernie Grundman  - 20th  Anniversary  Limited Edition 

The Absolute Sound 40th Anniversary Best Sounding Music! 
TAS Audiophile Demo Disc! 

On Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard CohenJennifer Warnes rearranged and reinterpreted some of Leonard Cohen's greatest songs for a unique album that remains the ultimate tribute to Cohen's music.

Famous Blue Raincoat: Twentieth Anniversary Edition has been re-mastered by Bernie Grundman from Jennifer's own analog master tapes.

The Gold encoding layer is more smooth and flat than the standard compact disc's aluminum layer, offering more accurate playback and greater definition on all CD players. 

 Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary Edition 24 Karat Gold edition includes four never before released tracks. Also features deluxe, hardcover book-style packaging with improved photographic elements and notes not included in the non-gold Famous Blue Raincoat 20th Anniversary edition CD release.

FBR is an iconic audiophile record and Jennifer Warnes is by reputation a perfectionist of the first order in just about every facet of her music. This also extends to all matters where reissues and re-masters of her albums are concerned. She is an extremely possessive and hands on artist and I imagine her collaboration with Bernie Grundman  was far from straight forward during the re-mastering process. However, the results are spectacular and put simply, Jenny sings Lenny like you’ve never heard it before. This is a sumptuous sounding and beautifully presented  FBR now has an improved momentum and a deeper bass, which strengthens the rhythmic sense of Jenny’s delivery as it propels us through these exceptional and well-loved Leonard Cohen songs.

The transparency, delineation and overall presentation of her delicious vocals . It prevents any chance of familiarity breeding contempt. HiFi+ - Issue 58 Reuben Parry I I  I have been waiting two decades to hear it like this.  Jennifer Warnes

The Absolute Sound 40th Anniversary Best Sounding Music! 
TAS Audiophile Demo Disc! 
TAS Recommended! Rated a 'Best Audiophile Label Recording' in the November 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound! 
All-Analog Remastering by Bernie Grundman and authorized by Jennifer Warnes herself!    No true audiophile's collection is complete without this album! 

Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen 

1.  First We Take Manhattan 
2.  Bird On A Wire     
3.  Famous Blue Raincoat     
4.  Joan Of Arc     
5.  Ain't No Cure For Love     
6.  Coming Back To You     
7.  Song Of Bernadette     
8.  A Singer Must Die     
9.  Came So Far For Beauty 
10. Night Comes On  

Previously Unreleased Tracks:  
11. Ballad Of The Runaway Horse 
12. If It Be Your Will     
13. Joan Of Arc (Live)     
14. A Singer Must Die (Demo)

Jennifer Warnes - Famous Blue Rain Coat 20th Anniversary - 24k Gold CD

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Impex Records is the exciting audiophile label from the team that brought you Cisco Music. With more than 20 years experience and 150 titles released, Cisco Music developed many of the techniques used by other labels to make higher quality 180-gram LPs, SACDs and Gold and aluminum CDs.

We brought definitive editions Jennifer Warnes' The Well, The Hunter and Famous Blue Raincoat in multiple formats, including a 45 rpm box set that Absolute Sound magazine declared "defines the state-of-the--art in vinyl playback." Other classic reissues we nurtured to fantastic rebirths include the jazz-rock perfection of Steely Dan's Aja, Joan Baez' Farewell Angelina, NathanMilstein's poetic interpretation of Dvorak's Violin Concerto and four exquisite 45-rpm Three Blind Mice LPs.

Even in our humbler origins we were trusted with the distribution and production of The Super Analogue Disc, the original audiophile 180-gram LPs. King Records recognized, from the very beginning, that Cisco Music brought unflinching passion to the music and unflailing dedication to the process of bringing that music to the most discerning listeners in the world.

Now as Impex Records some of the original Cisco staff (Abey Fonn, Robert Pincus and Robert Sliger), along with Robert Donnelly, will follow and expand our own high standards for a new generation of audiophile products. Analog products will always be cut using analog tapes and analog mastering at the finest mastering facilities like Sterling, Cohearent and Bernie Grundman--just as it should be. Gold CD's will always be cut with high-definition digital or analog tape transfers from original sources. We will introduce America to Sony's revolutionary Blu-Spec CD, which redefines production excellence in 16-bit digital playback.

With a singular vision for making the best records anywhere, Impex Records is poised to expand Cisco Music's peerless legacy well into the 21st century. It's going to be quite a journey and we look forward to your joining us. We have committed ourselves, with every new release, to your complete satisfaction.


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