Marshall Crenshaw - Field Day - 180g LP + 12" EP

Marshall Crenshaw - Field Day - 180g LP + 12" EP

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Marshall Crenshaw - Field Day - 180g LP + 12" EP
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Intervention - IR-015 -   Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

AAA 100% Analogue - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Pressed at RTI -  Limited Edition 

AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

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Some reissues are an exercise in milking a record label’s back catalogue and offering little beyond quirky trivia and a slight sonic adjustment. That’s clearly not the case here. Kevin Gray’s all-analog remastering unearths the recording’s deep bass and adds a previously missing sparkle to Crenshaws’s electric guitar. RTI’s plating and pressing yield the usual dead-quiet vinyl experience.Intervention Records’ reissue of Field Day, along with the deeply satisfying bonus EP, is a serious gift to Crenshaw’s fans -- and fans of good old American-made rock'n'roll.The Audio Beat

100% Analog Mastering From The Original Master Tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio!
Expanded Edition Double Album Joins Original LP & US Remix 12" 45rpm EP For The First Timel!

Intervention Records and Marshall Crenshaw are thrilled to announce the relaunch of Marshall's amazing sophomore effort FIELD DAY on premium 180-gram vinyl as an EXPANDED EDITION double album set!

The Field Day relaunch features ALL-NEW cover art conceived by Crenshaw, and the expanded edition for the first time combines Field Day's original repertoire with a second album comprised of the US Remix EP. Available in the US for the very first time this 12" 45 rpm EP features remixes of several of Field Day's best tunes, including "Our Town," "For Her Love" and a rip-roarin' live cover of "Little Sister."

Produced by Steve Lilywhite, Field Day is Crenshaw at his power-pop best, with addictive hooks, heart-tugging lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Following his critically acclaimed 1982 debut and successful single "Someday, Someway," Marshall Crenshaw returned with the following year's greatly anticipated Field Day. Crenshaw doesn't fall prey to the sophomore jinx, delivering nine more brilliantly crafted pop/rock originals and a terrific cover of the Jive Five's "What Time Is It?" Though the record meets the high standard that Crenshaw, his brother Robert Crenshaw (drums) and bassist Chris Donato, set with the first album, many had trouble warming up to producer Steve Lillywhite's dense, more muscular production, especially Robert's explosive snare and bass drum. But while it may lack its predecessor's immediate sparkle and charm, Field Day is equally infectious. It also shows a newfound depth and maturity in Crenshaw's writing, which Lillywhite's sound reinforces.

 Like Marshall Crenshaw, the majority of Field Day deals with time-honored themes of loves lost and found, albeit from a slightly less innocent viewpoint, much like the lyrical growth of the Beatles in late 1964, early 1965, or Buddy Holly's "True Love Ways" and "Learning the Game." Previously, he would move on and "find someone better" or "feel the need to go "Rockin' Around in N.Y.C." Now, he's willing to "try with all [his] heart every day," seeing a night on the town as a "duty" that must be done before slipping back into comfortable domesticity and responsibility. Crenshaw realizes now that even true love "makes demands" amidst the fun and summer evening walks. This album brims with deceptively simple, pure pop pleasures that continue to unfold with repeated listens. Though Field Day didn't match the commercial promise of the first album, it was the perfect second step in Marshall Crenshaw's artistic evolution.

Field Day and the US Remix EP are mastered 100% Analog by CoHEARent Audio's Kevin Gray directly from the original analog master tapes! Both 12" records are pressed on dead-quiet 180-Gram vinyl at RTI.

At Marshall Crenshaw's direction Field Day's front cover art is taken not from the original LP, but from the 7" single for the Field Day's hit "Whenever You're On My Mind." Never comfortable with the original cover art, Crenshaw is delighted at this change in art direction, implemented by IR's extraordinary artist Tom Vadakan. The original inner sleeve art and lyrics are expanded into a gorgeous "Old-Style" gatefold printed by Stoughton on heavy stock and film laminated. 

• Ultra-Quiet 180g Vinyl Pressed At RTI
• Expanded Edition Double Album
• 33rpm Field Day LP with original repertoire
• 12" 45rpm US Remix EP
• 100% Analog Mastering from the Original Master Tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
• Beautiful "Old-Style" Gatefold Printed by Stoughton
• All new cover art conceived by Marshall Crenshaw

Side One:
1. Whenever You're On My Mind
2. Our Town
3. One More Reason
4. Try
5. One Day With You
Side Two:
1. For Her Love
2. Monday Morning Rock
3. All I Know Right Now
4. What Time Is It?
5. Hold It

Bonus Album:
US Remix 45rpm EP
Side One:
1. Our Town
2. For Her Love
3. Monday Morning Rock
4. Little Sister (Live)
Side Two:
1. For Her Love (Extended Mix)

Marshall Crenshaw - Field Day - 180g LP + 12" EP

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