Kef LS50 Wireless Active Speakers + Performance Stand

Kef LS50 Wireless Active Speakers + Performance Stand

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What HiFi Awards 2018 - Best all-in-one system

The LS50 Wireless speaker system packs big sound—along with plenty of technology and cool style—in a little box.  Day or night, it’s been a delight to have around.- The Absolute Sound

Astounding Multi-Dimensional Sound 
LS50 Wireless delivers a clear, accurate and transparent sound that creates an intense, rich, and multi-dimensional soundstage experience. Made possible from its small enclosures through expert acoustic design and state-of-the-art technologies.

LS50 Pedigree 
Cabinet vibration, sound radiation, resonance, and colouration are all eliminated through the seamless integration of the award-winning LS50 speaker's acoustic features. These include the FEA-designed cabinet, Uni-Q driver, constrained layer damping bracing, precision-engineered curved baffle and elliptical flexible sound port.

KEF Performance stand, compatible with R LS and Q series  ( Black , White & Grey )

The KEF Performance Speaker Stand was created to offer the ideal platform for KEF standmount speakers. Integrated cable management allows cables to be hidden away effortlessly, keeping your décor clean and elegant.

Plug-and-Play KEF LS50 Changes Wireless Loudspeaker Possibilities: Reference Audiophile Sound Plus Built-In 24-Bit/192kHz DSP, Dedicated DACs, and Amps (230W Total) on Each Speaker
Forget what you think you know about active loudspeakers. Offering groundbreaking performance, effortless ease of use, limitless flexibility, and reference-setting sound, the KEF LS50 permanently change what's possible from wireless loudspeakers. The plug-and-play LS50 system is the result of prestigious engineering, cutting-edge technology, and precision parts. Each of these elegant, sophisticated speakers come complete with an end-to-end 24-bit/192kHz DSP, two dedicated DACs (one on each channel), a streaming preamplifier, and two amplifiers (230W total) in bi-amp dual-mono configuration. You read that correctly: All of these audiophile-grade components are built-in and, even better, specifically designed and optimized for LS50, achieving synchronicity impossible with most separates. All you have to do is plug in LS50 to an outlet, connect the supplied interconnect between the left and right speakers, and choose your music source. LS50 even includes a selectable EQ that compensates for different mounting and placement scenarios, while KEF's patented Uni-Q technology ensures detailed, accurate, and seamless imaging independent of where you sit. LS50 works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, traditional analog, optical, and USB connections. Everything from TIDAL to CDs, computer audio to LPs (phono preamplifer required), and TVs to game consoles is covered. You can switch between inputs with the press of a button on the OLED touchscreen or remote. And while this kind of versatility is rare, just wait until you hear how magical LS50 sounds. You've never heard anything like it


Colour Options   Black/Blue  , White/Copper  & Grey/Red 

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