Knosti Disco-Antistat RCM Record Rinsing Machine

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Knosti Disco-Antistat RCM Record Rinsing Machine
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KNOSTI rinsing system to be used alongside the standard KNOSTI RCM
The rinsing set is for owners of a existing Knosti RCM .
2 x KNOSTIs used a PRE-WASH with Cleaning Fluid + RINSE with Distilled Water
To achieve the best clean possible from these machines 2 are needed. ( Double Bath Method )
1 machine to clean the records and another machine to rinse them.
The first machine is filled with LP cleaning fluid (supplied in the standard Knosti kit) and a 2nd machine filled with 1 Litre Distilled Water ( Supplied )  which is supplied in the 2nd kit.
Clean your LP as you nomally would using the instructions supplied in the standard Knosti kit, then leave the record clamp on and rinse the LP in the 2nd kit and remove the clamp and leave to dry in the supplied drying rack.
A superb budget solution for cleaning and keeping your precious vinyl in tip top condition.
It took me a little while to find the best way to do it, but once I was going it turned out to work very well indeed. You simply put the wheel on the record and then first put it in the bath with the real Antistat, rotate it a few times, and then let it drain a bit and put it in the water bath.
Rotate it in the second bath for a few times too, and you're finished. The record can now be put in the draining rack as normal. The Disco Antistat solution can be filtered and re-used, but the de-ionised water should be disposed of after a single session, obviously, as the whole point of this rinsing is to use clean water so that the record will dry up without any dirt or residue.
The whole process takes a little longer per record, but as you now have two draining stands this means that you can do 16 records in one session. This normally takes me about 50 minutes, so it isn't too bad, actually. And the records come out clean, very clean. I started with some dirty record, some that had been treated with Disco Antistat a long time ago, and some that were clean but never treated. In all cases the results were excellent.
The two-bath Disco Antistat method is a total success, as far as I'm concerned. I've already treated more than a hundred records with it, and the rest of my collection will most certainly follow. I don't know how this system compares with real record cleaning machines, but I cannot really imagine any system doing a much better job than this.
It is very, very affordable, easy to use, safe and very effective. Records come out completely clean and without attracting any static electricity. If you take playing vinyl serious you really need a good record cleaning machine, and this method must be the best value on the market. Highly recommended.  TNT Review

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