L'Art Du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Fluid ( Concentrate )

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L'Art Du Son - Professional Audio Record Cleaning Fluid ( Concentrate )
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L'Art Du Son Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid
Concentrate makes one gallon with distilled water , Add to 1 gallon of distilled water.
L'Art du Son is suitable for all vinyl, colored vinyl, picture discs and shellac records
because in contrast to many other products on the market L'Art du Son contains no
alcohols nor emulsifying additives nor silicone based anti-foam ingredients. No harmful
biocide conservative agents are added as they would be in contact with the human skin
and we are committed not to harm the user by adding strange chemicals of no valid
use to the cleaning process of the record itself.
For that reason both L'Art du Son concentrate and solution contain suspended particles
which resolve after shaking. The components of L'Art du Son are non-hazardous to the
environment, non-allergenic and almost entirely bio-degradable. One flask of L'Art du
Son concentrate is sufficient to prepare 5 liters of cleaning solution which lasts for
roundabout 500 LPs. The color of the concentrate is light blue with white visible particles. The color of the
solution is almost clear, with small white ingredients floating in the solution
Audio Guru Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound
"...L'Art du Son, a record-cleaning fluid that really does sound different from the more conventional isopropyl-based cleaners. It contains no alcohol, is biodegradable, and can't hurt you, though I wouldn't advise drinking it! The conventional alcohol-based fluid deposited an electronic glaze over the sound, one particularly noticeable on the upper frequencies. This glaze increases the apparent 'definition' in the same way that most transistorized amplifiers do, and to these ears, emphasizes the electronic nature of the sound. With the L'Art du Son, that glaze is gone and just the music is left. I like this stuff! I couldn't imagine going back to the conventional cleaning fluids
I strongly recommend L’Art du Son Record Cleaning Liquid. One bottle should last about three years for the typical audiophile. - Positive Feedback
An essential analogue product. This has to be one of the best fluids available. Ideal for use with any vacuum record cleaning machine - Supplied as standard with Loricraft RCM
The premiere product from L'Art du Son is a new and revolutionary Record
cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analogue
devotee Martina Schoener.  The cleaning fluid has the following features:
Concentrate makes up to 5.0 litres of cleaning fluid when added to ordinary distilled water.
It is non-toxic, anti-static, biodegradeable, and contains no alcohol. Ideal for use with any vacuum record cleaning machine. Recommended for use even with new, unplayed records
Contains NO alcohol
Use of Environmentally friendly formula components
Dramatic increase in dynamic contrasts from LP playback
Improved bass response from LP playback
Vast improvement in overall soundstage clarity from LP playback
Increased stage depth and sense of musical ease from LP playback
Substantial reduction in LP noise floor resulting in improved clarity and instrumental definition
Increased LP longevity - will last many thousands of record cleanings.
Tips on using L'Art du Son
The L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Solution concentrate is shipped in a dark brown bottle because the ingredients are biodegradeable. Although the potency will sustain several years of shelf life, the manufacturer recommends you keep the concentrate in a cool, dark place and not expose to sunlight or other bright light sources. There are two ways to protect the potency: 
Shake the bottle of concentrate vigerously to mix the ingredients thoroughly. 
Mix a quart of solution at a time by measuring 1/4 the amount of the concentrate for each quart of distilled water. Store the rest of the concentrate for future use. 
Make 4 quarts (or 5 litres, if you like that measurement) from the concentrate and store the unused bottles in a dark, cool closet. Brown bottles are generally available from a Pharmacist (generally the smaller family owned stores) or from chemical supply houses.
Transfer your mixed solution to a "spay bottle" for easy application on your record cleaning machine. 
Shake the bottle of diluted fluid before using to remix the formula. Separation of chemicals can occur if the bottle is sitting for a long time.
Apply only enough fluid to completely wet the surface of the record, (not the label) to avoid spillage to the plinth of the record cleaning machine because of the centrifical force of the spinning turntable. Use your record brush to make a smooth, wet coating on the grooves.Allow the solution to work. Usually one minute (soak time) is adequate before using the vacuum to remove the dirty fluid.If you spill liquid while applying to a record, this formula will not stain or discolor the parts of your machine.For very dirty records repeat the cleaning process several times. Allow the grooves to soak for 2-4 minutes.
I strongly recommend L' Art du Son Record Cleaning Liquid. One bottle should last about three years for the typical audiophile. It' s the Tabasco equivalent for records - it perks them up and lasts until your spouse would prefer to make reservations than dinner. Robert H. Levi

wider stage, more dynamics, greater transparency, deeper bass and so forth, there is no night and day difference. All I can say is this: when an LP comes into the house, it gets cleaned now with L’Art du son. When I play a record that has not yet been L’Arted, it goes in the stack by the VPI to be re-cleaned before it is put back. Stereomojo

Recommendations for the use with…
…Knosti-cleaning bath: Pour the cleaning solution away after every cleaning day. Although filtered the solution
drops effectiveness when reused. To improve the cleaning result rinse your records with distilled water before
you dry those.
…microfiber cloth & “Cheap Thrill”: Apply the cleaning solution (e.g. with a spray bottle), foam with a record
brush and rinse your records with an adequate share of distilled water. We recommend the use of a soft
microfiber-brush, such as the Mobile Fidelity Record Brush but a soft sponge works, too. Repeat this procedure
if necessary.
…vacuum record cleaning machines: Apply the cleaning solution and foam it. Please empty and clean your
internal storage tank occasionally like you would do with any tank that is in touch with dirt – otherwise mud
starts to develop like any camper van-user might know....
…Okki Nokki: Vacuum-clean your LPs two/three times to prevent from noises due to electrostatic charging. If
noises occur yet ground the pick-up. Make sure your vacuum suction arm is clean and correctly closing
otherwise dirt will be spread instead of sucked away.
Is it possible to use higher concentrated L´Art du Son cleaning solutions?
Yes, it is possible. In our experience the optimal ratio L´Art du Son-concentrate/water is between 18 mL to
26 mL and 1 L water. With very dirty records it is much more effective to repeat the cleaning procedure with
fresh solution than adding more concentrate.


Absolute Sound 2005 Editors' Choice Award Winner 


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