Lehmann Black Cube Statement MM/MC Phono Stage

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Lehmann Black Cube Statement MM/MC Phono Stage
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 such bargain buy, this phono-preamp is extremely versatile!"-Stereo Magazine

Recommended Component
The Black Cube is one of those products that  gives music lovers a reason to rejoice when looking to jump into high fidelity without costing an arm and leg. Across the entire audio spectrum, this little black box does just about everything right. With a good selection of loading options as well as gain that supports just about every cartridge on the market, this is one heck of a great choice for those looking for getting a great phono preamplifier without breaking the bank. Recommended. - Audiophile

The Award-Winning Lehmann Black Cube is Back and At a Much Better Price The Statement Outboard Phono Stage in its Price Class  

Many things that made the Black Cube phono stages famous the world over are now offered by the Black Cube Statement in a new, attractive package at an even more affordable price. This is true for the parts quality as well as for the highly rated audio performance. The original Black Cube phono preamplifier redefined the phono stage market when introduced in 1995 and saw many imitations. Since then Black Cube phono stages have always reached cult status. Numerous awards and countless positive reviews on all five continents clearly underline the success.

The Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement phono stage is compatible with practically all available cartridges on the market from High Output MM to low output MC cartridges. Apart from the standard switch settings there is one onboard slot that can be fitted with a custom impedance to supply perfect termination even for the most exotic cartridges. Customization possibilities are practically infinite. No more need for expensive impedance plugs! The entirely passive RIAA equalization network of the Black Cube Statement is realized with high precision foil capacitors. Bass coupling between the two linear gain stages is even realized with an MKP type. All resistors are of the low noise metal film variety. The switches for gain and load settings have gold plated connects.
Because of the small outer dimensions the Black Cube Statement can be placed next to the turntable. This minimizes loss due to cable lengths. The external AC power supply keeps magnetic interference away from the audio section.
Lehmann Audio has always paid special attention to details: the case of the audio section is made of nonmagnetic materials and is even equipped with a top cover equipped with a special anti-resonance treatment.
What you get from the Black Cube is a snappy, punchy performance that's exciting and cohesive. Timing is spot on, and music has that foot-tapping quality that makes you want to keep listening.You do get a touch of leanness with sound, but that's forgivable when you consider the clarity that's on offer with this cracking unit. 5 Stars What Hifi

"A product with performance that is hard to beat at the price".. HIFI News

HIFI Critic - Recommended Product

"We were very taken by this little amp, especially with a moving magnet cartridge as source. Its sound is open and quick, with very good insight and also excellent extension at both frequency extremes, and its lack of hum and low noise level are also welcome." 
"Good value and fills the gap between budget phono amps and the high - end."  HIFI Choice

But, ultimately, the Statement's generous soundstage, awesome clarity, beautiful detail, and fast attack transients proved impossible to deny. A spacious, dynamic recording like James Blake's Overgrown) seems made to be heard through the Lehmannaudio. Listening to it was an absolute thrill and joy: The sound was gripping, dramatic, and emotionally compelling, with frighteningly deep silences, well-controlled bass, clean highs, and superb presence. I felt I was right in the middle of the music, and I loved it. The Lehmannaudio Black Cube Statement is an awesome little phono preamplifier—versatile, powerful, and true to the music. , it strikes me as a bargain. Get your hands on one. - Streophile

Gain at 1kHz:


31dB, 41dB, 51dB, 61dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 80db - 60dB Depending On Selected Gain
Input Capacitance: 100pF
Input Impedances:
47 kΩ, 1kΩ, 100Ω (Switchable)
1 Slot For A Custom Load
Output Impedances: <100Ω
RIAA Filter: Passive Equalization Between Two Linear Gain Stages
Soft Bass Roll-Off: 6dB/oct. @60Hz Jumper Activated
Inter-Channel Mismatch: Typ. 0.5dB
Additional Feature:
Output Capacitors Bridgeable With Jumpers.
(Following Device Must Be DC Input Protected)
Power Consumption: < 3W With External AC Power Adaptor
Dimensions (W x D x H): 103 x 108 x 45mm³

Engineered by a musician and manufactured in Germany; Lehmann Audio is one of the world’s best-kept audiophile secrets. 

With a precision-engineered range of quality phono stages and headphone amplifiers including digital-USB models, all Lehmann products are designed to reproduce the original sound recording as perfectly as possible.
Reviewed well by the critics, and used by the rest of the industry as reference equipment, Lehmann Audio is a brand everyone interested in high-end sound should look out for.
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