Loricraft Record Cleaning Brush Goats Hair

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Loricraft Record Cleaning Brush Goats Hair
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Handcrafted from pure goat hair brush.  Very fine and gentle, exclusively for dry cleaning / dust removal
This brush is specifically designed to keep your records lean in between playing. Only used dry, it removes loose fluff and dust that can attach itself by static to your records.

The Loricraft PRC is geared (sorry) more toward clubs, stores, or well-to-do enthusiasts who want the absolute best and absolute quietest record cleaning machine they can buy. As a bonus, it's so much fun to use-and to watch!-that it makes record maintenance a bit less drudgy. Very enthusiastically recommended. - Art Dudley

Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. So, apparently, said Benjamin Franklin. To which he might have added if he had been feeling particularly far sighted that day “Loricraft record cleaning machines.” - Dagogo Review

Have you Lori-cleaned your records?

Nothing Cleans Records More Thoroughly than the Loricraft!

Our range of Professional Record Cleaners are now in use in remastering studios, sound archives, record stores and the homes of hifi enthusiasts in over 20 countries.

The Evo (evolution) range feature special Acoustic damping which reduces the noise of the machines. In the case of the PRC6 – it is almost silent.
Loricraft PRC6 EVO Record Cleaning Machine RCM

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