Loricraft 7" Single Record Nylon Cleaning Brush

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Loricraft 7" Single Record Nylon Cleaning Brush
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Loricraft Precision Record Cleaning Brushes
Optimised for wet record cleaning, these easy to use brushes are perfect for manual cleaning or in conjunction with a machine such as those from Loricraft.
Featuring very fine, but reasonable stiff nylon bristles that help get deep down into the groove without damaging the vinyl. 
This Cleaning brush is specifically designed for wet cleaning of records. In order to get cleaning fluid to lift dirt from the grooves it helps to agitate the fluid which is exactly what this brush does.
Available in 3 sizes - 7”, 10” and 12”
Sizing refers to the diameter of the vinyl records you're cleaning. Not the width of the actual brush
Brushes are suitable for both vinyl and shellac records.




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