Bach - Suites Per Violoncello Solo BWV 1007-1008 : Rocco Filippini - 180g LP

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Bach - Suites Per Violoncello Solo BWV 1007-1008 : Rocco Filippini - 180g LP
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Fone Records - LP067 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl 

AAA 100% Analogue  - Recording , Mastering & Cutting

Club 496 - Only 496 Copies Numbered Limited Edition - Pressed in Germany

Registration is beautiful. The instrument is full and rich, with no emphatic environmental resonances and is repeated in the domestic environment as if it were heard not far from us. But it is the proper stamp of the cello that has been well captured. There are no long bass of some recordings, no lighter bass than others, nor an undue underlining of the smaller strings that often seem to define the are of an instrument, while more often than not they modify it. Here there is a cello of rare beauty and rare timbre fidelity - Audio Review

• 180g Virgin Vinyl
• Limited Edition
• Pure Analogue Recording & Cutting
• Cutting Machine wired by Signoricci
• One-Stage Pressing Process
• Heavy Quality Sleeves
• Signoricci Vinyl Printed in Germany
• Produced in only 496 copies
Son of Felice Filippini (painter, writer and broadcaster) and of the pianist Dafne Salati, Rocco Filippini began his musical training at an early age. Of decisive importance was his meeting with Pierre Fournier who became his teacher along with Professor Franz Walter of the Geneva Conservatory. It was from the Geneva Conservatory that Rocco Filippini received his diploma at the age of 17, being awarded the Premier Prix de Virtuosité, an accolade not given for the previous 36 years. He continued to perfect his playing with his teachers, who came to include the violinist Corrado Romano. At the age of 23 he won the Geneva International Music Competition and embarked on his performing career.
With a wide musical repertory, from Baroque to contemporary works, Rocco Filippini has played in the main concert halls of Europe, North and South America, Australia and Japan, and at numerous well-known festivals. In 1968 with Bruno Canino and Cesare Ferraresi he founded the Trio di Milano, which was subsequently joined by the violinist Mariana Sîrbu. He was a founder member in 1992 of the Quartetto Accardo. He has performed in numerous concerts at the La Scala theatre in Milan, where he has played in recitals with cello and piano, performed the György Ligeti concerto with the Scala Philarmonic Orchestra, and taken part in many chamber music concerts, often in association with Maurizio Pollini, with whom he has performed concert programmes for several years in Rome, London, Tokyo and New York, and at the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro and Salzburg festivals. At the Salzburg Festival in 2002 he premièred Fabio Vacchi's Tre Veglie, with Anna Caterina Antonacci, accompanied by the Orchestre de Paris conducted by Ivan Fischer.
Some of today's leading composers have dedicated works to him: Franco Donatoni, Ala; Luciano Berio, Elaborazione per violoncello e contrabbasso based on his duets for two violins; Giovanni Sollima, The Songlines; Salvatore Sciarrino, Il paese senz'alba. Rocco Filippini performed the première of Salvatore Sciarrino's Trio no. 2 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in 1987, and in 2003 he conducted Sciarrino's Cadenzario performed by the Giuseppe Verdi Orchestra of Milan.
Rocco Filippini has edited works from the cello repertory for Ricordi: Bach Suites, Popper 40 Studies op. 73, Servais 6 Caprices op. 11 and Piatti 12 Caprices op.25 and has published arrangements of Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder and De Falla's Siete Canciones Populares Españolas. His many recordings include discs for RCA, Fonè, Nuova Era, Assai, Fonit Cetra Italia, Amadeus, Ricordi, Symphonia, Dynamic, etc.
August 2012 at the Teatro Persio Flacco in Volterra, Tuscany, Italy, by Giulio Cesare Ricci already legendary Neumann tube microphones U47, U48 and M49 Rocco Filippini came in 1943 in Lugano (Switzerland), the son of a man of letters and painter and a pianist to the world. He soon came into contact with music and began corresponding with his musical training early. At 17 he received his diploma at the Conservatory of Geneva. Since then he has played at many prestigious venues and festivals in the world (Salzburg Festival, Rossini Opera Festival) and acquired a very wide repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music. He was a lecturer at various universities such as the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan and the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 1985 he founded with three colleagues Walter Stauffler Academy in Cremona, dedicated to the training of musicians with stringed instruments. , for present recordings at Fone Filippini played six suites of Bach, where he puts an incredible precision and calm on the day. Similarly, sovereign he elicits from his instrument still, small as well as strong and rougher tones. In a fascinating way Filippini shows how vielse / aitig is the cello and leads the listener empathetic through the ever evolving and enhancing motives. This meditation on the ears, you should not miss! The exquisitely pressed LP comes in Fone-typical superior sound quality. The cello has bite, contour and beautiful timbres. Mastering by Giulio Cesare Ricci pure analog on his Ampex 2-track analog machine, even the one-stage-cut is implemented purely analog, was pressed in Germany on high quality 180 gram virgin vinyl. Strictly limited to 496 pieces! Pure Analogue Recording Pure Analogue
Side A:
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Suite I BWV 1007 In Sol Maggiore/In G Major
1. Prelude
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Menuet
6. Gigue
Side B:
Suite II BWV 1008 In Re Minore/In D Minor
1. Prelude
2. Allemande
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Menuet
6. Gigue
The story of fonè
In the context of classical and jazz music market, fonè proposes three decades of recordings using advanced techniques, aimed at the recovery of the original musical atmospheres.
Each new recording is the result of a passionate encounter between art and the art of execution and aims to recreate and reproduce the same spirit with which the works of the past have been performed. One basic feature that makes the difference between fonè and others, is the recording of musical works in natural places and original, constant production that leads to choose from time to time historically more space? Suitable for: church, theater, villa, living room ...
All this is done by retrieving a simple incision that does not do violence to the music: all the equipment is in high definition. Using pairs of valves Neumann microphones in the years 1947 and 1949 (U47, U48 and M49) using techniques very natural timbre bimicrofoniche field effect. These microphones have an important story: they are the microphones used to record the Beatles at Abbey Road Studio and RCA for the "Living Stereo."
No use is made of electronic manipulation of the signal, nor any artificial correction that if they make a sound easier to carve, it is true that distort so unacceptable. With this method you get to transfer the music information on the standard analog for the production of virgin vinyl 180g &  200g
fonè uses for the standard analog Nagra 4S, Studer C37 and J37 and Ampex ATR 102, the standard for digital, in collaboration with Philips the DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology that has opened the doors to the SACD. For all subsequent stages of processing and control, in which it must be a playback of the sound reproduction systems are used very sophisticated.
After the pressing demands of the enthusiast market and after a long series of investigations to ensure the best possible support, the virgin vinyl 180/200 grams, fonè now makes available its most prestigious titles in the LP format. 
strong opposition to current trends in the multinational market, tending to offer a product that is increasingly homogenized and devoid of content. 
Implementation is of the highest quality and is dedicated to those who appreciate the pursuit of perfection in the field of sound reproduction, to collectors, to the true connoisseur and expert of things beautiful.

Rocco Filippini - J. S. Bach Suites Per Violoncello Solo BWV 1007-1008 - 180g LP

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