OPUS 3 Showcase Test / Reference LP 2013 - 180g LP

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OPUS 3 Showcase Test / Reference LP 2013 - 180g LP
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Opus 3 - LP23000 - 180 Gram Vinyl  

Pure Analogue Mastering  -  Pressed at Pallas Germany - Limited Edition

 Selection of Artists on OPUS 3 Test / Demo Disc

Created two decades ago by Jan-Eric Persson, this company continues to produce discs of exceptional quality. Persson's two-channel discs are nearly all made by the classic stereo microphone setup described by Alan Blumlein, and the result is a 3-dimensional image that is startlingly revealing

Showcase 2013 includes these Opus 3 Favorite Artists: Eric Bibb, B.B. Driftwood, Sticks & Stones, Maria Winther and many more. On Showcase 2013, Opus 3 Records gives you a nice variety of music from their latest releases ranging from Blues, Rockabilly, Jazz, World Music and Blue-Grass! Released on 33 RPM 180 Gram Vinyl in a high quality gatefold LP Jacket this album has outstanding Sound Quality! 

"Sweet Elizabeth" & "Strange..." - B.B. Driftwood
B.B. Driftwood's first album on the Opus 3 label is called “Southward Bound”, a stew spiced with country, soul, blues and gospel mixed with brazilian and cuban rythms. The words of wisdom, confusion, hope and joy are backed by various stringed instruments, upright bass, percussion and underlined by soulfull backing vocals. 

"No One But Myself To Blame" & "Sticks & Stones" - Rebecka Sjoberg/Sticks & Stones
Bluegrass Music is a form of American roots music and is a sub-genre of country music. It has mixed roots in Scottish, music of African-American and the English, Welsh and Irish traditional music. But music is a living thing, constantly changing, evolving and influencing young contemporary, creative musicians. Bluegrass continues to inspire beyond the borders of the countries of its origins with a new band from Sweden adding another facet to the jewel of Bluegrass... Sticks & Stones. 

"Sophisticated Shade" - Eric Bibb
“It’s all about a hat up in Santa Fe! I once told my friend Dave Perkins about an unforgettable Panama I’d seen in one of my favourite hat shops. Dave was driving me around California at the time and we turned the story into a song as we were cruisin’ along. I finally got around to recording it with the wonderful Bo Juhlin on Sousaphone and Christer Lyssarides on Mandola.” - Eric Bibb 

"I Can Heart It" - Therese Mercedes Myrhed
Tess has been singing all of her life at events great and small and her professionalism makes her much in demand for studio work. Her main sources of inspiration have been the female vocalists from the 50's and 60's, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Patsy Cline and Dusty Springfield and closer to home Swedish vocalists Siw Malmqvist and Inger Berggren. 

"Grey Hound Ride" - Dan & The Electros
The production and recording of the album that this track is coming from is unique in the sense that it combines the delicate balance between the rather special sounds achieved during the period from 1955–1963 while at the same time taking advantage of contemporary recording techniques. This track is a tribute to Dick Dale (USA), who is known as “The King of the Surf Guitar”. 

"Come Back Baby" - Eric Bibb
“I started playing this song almost forty years ago, using Dave Von Ronk’s famous arrangement as my point of departure. I’ve recorded it before and I’ll surely record it again. It’s just one of those songs (like “Goin’ Down Slow”) that always takes me to new places.... [T]his one’s played on a Danelectro baritone guitar through my trusty little Vox Pathfinder amp. The vibe is a little swampier, allowing the vocal to lay a little heavier in the hammock. I hear some Lightnin’ Hopkins in there somewhere.” - Eric Bibb 

"The Milky Way" - East
The breadth and range of styles, techniques and genre of “Pathfinder” album makes it a unique guitar album in the sense that it cannot be labelled – though perhaps “the complete guitar album” could be considered even though this was not the original aim. Bert “East” Östlund’s musical journey takes us not only to Detroit and Nashville in the USA and Newcastle in England but also to Rio and Paris! The music has all been composed and arranged by “East” himself with music of outstanding quality and featuring his considerable collection of guitars both acoustic and electric and where the Telecaster and Strat play leading roles.

"We'll Be Together Again" - Maria Winther
Maria Winther is a singer/composer from Stockholm who grew up in the regions of Borås. Winther was introduced to Opus3 Records by the late pianoplayer Gösta Rundqvist and in 2006 they recorded the album “Dreamsville” together. Also appearing on the record are the renowned musicians Joakim Milder on Tenor sax, Christian Spering on Double bass and Ola Hultgren on Drums. The songs on “Dreamsville” are some of Maria's favorite songs from The American Songbook, melodies that have been part of her for a very long time. 

"Blues avec un Pont" - Tomas Ornberg's BLUE FIVE
Milton Mesirow, better known as Mezz Mezzrow (1899–1972), was an American jazz clarinetist and saxophonist from Chicago. Mezzrow is well known for organizing and financing historic recording sessions with Tommy Ladnier and Sidney Bechet. Mezzrow also played and recorded a number of times with Bechet and briefly acted as manager for Louis Armstrong. However, he is remembered as much for being a colorful character in his autobiography Really The Blues as for his music. His composition Blues avec un Pont (Blues with a Bridge) always appealed to Tomas Örnberg and fits his soulful and emotional way of playing the Clarinet and Soprano Saxophone. 

"Cake Walkin' Babies From Home" - Eva Taylor
We think that Magic is the word which comes to mind in connection with this recording. It was certainly a magic night at The Pawnshop (Stampen) in March, 1976 when a young lady of 81 completely captured and entranced the audience with her stage presence and vibrant personality. Her communication with the musicians and audience combined to elevate her artistry beyond the aural level to include that indefinable ingredient... atmosphere. This atmosphere was retrieved from our vaults from 36 years ago and like a good wine has aged well as lovers of jazz from the twenties will appreciate. 

"It's Never Too Late" - Dan & The Electros
This song is a tribute to Santos & Johnny who wrote the song “Sleepwalk” in 1959 which also inspired The Shadows who recorded it on their first LP (1961) and will always be associated with this song. 

• 180g Vinyl LP
• Gatefold Jacket 

B.B. Driftwood
Eric Bibb
Sticks & Stones
Maria Winther
Dan & The Electros
Rebecka Sjoberg
Therese Mercedes Myrhed
Tomas Ornberg
Blue Five
Eva Taylor

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