Brahms - The Complete Symphonies Nos. 1-4 : Karajan : Berlin Philharmonic - 180g 4LP Box Set

Brahms - The Complete Symphonies Nos. 1-4 : Karajan : Berlin Philharmonic - 180g 4LP Box Set

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Brahms - The Complete Symphonies Nos. 1-4 : Karajan : Berlin Philharmonic - 180g 4LP Box Set
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AAA 100% Analogue This  LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Analogphonic / Deutsche Grammophon - LP43073 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl

Limited Edition - Mastered by Rainer Maillard - Cut at Pauler Acoustics

AAA 100% Analogue - Pressed at Pallas Germany - DG 

● Using the original master of Universal Music 
● Analog mastering by Rainer Maillard 
● Cutting Emil Berliner Studios 
● Virgin vinyl, 180g audio file produced by Pallas, Germany. 
● The first 4LP boxset with all the individual record covers 

Johannes Brahms: Symphonies No. 1 C minor Op. 68, no. 2 in D major op. 73, No. 3 F major Op. 90, No. 4 E Minor Op.98 - the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Herbert von Karajan

Karajan’s interpretations are orthodox and exemplary. He has intellectual mastery over every symphony, even the difficult Third, which clearly presents him with no difficulties at all... the performance of the Second Symphony has a beautifully lyrical, golden quality, with rich, warm phrasing, and plenty of vigour in the last movements. (Gramophone)

Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will be released in LP in the 1980's Brahms Symphony Complete Works. Karajan recorded three volumes of the Berlin Philharmonic and Brahms symphonies in Deutsche Grammophon following the development of recording technology and his interpretation since the EMI of the Philharmonia Orchestra, each with its own unique personality. Compared to the second full volume, which is full of vigor and vitality, the second full version which is full of classical rigor and the dramatic force, the third whole book has a macroscopic point of view of the work, and sometimes it is rather louder than the previous ones It is appreciated that the orchestral sound and the neat string instrument parts reveal the structure of the work more clearly. Meanwhile, in the 1980s, the Berlin Philharmonic's tight playing ability and clear driving force were impressive enough to give the impression that this Brahms cycle had reached its apex.

Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert von Karajan, conductor

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68
Side A:
1. Un Poco Sostenuto - Allegro
2. Andante Sostenuto
Side B:
3. Un Poco Allegretto E Grazioso
4. Adagio - Piu Andante - Allegro Non Troppo, Ma Con Brio

Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Op. 73
Side C:
1. Allegro Non Troppo
2. Adagio Non Troppo
Side D:
3. Allegretto Grazioso - Presto Ma Non Assai
4. Allegro Con Spirito

Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90
Side E:
1. Allegro Con Brio
2. Andante
3. Poco Allegretto
Side F:
4. Allegro
Tragische Ouverture Op. 81
5. Allegro non troppo - Motto Piu Moderato - Tempo Primo - Un Poco - Sostenuto - In Tempo

Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98
Side G:
1. Allegro Non Troppo
2. Andante Moderato
Side H:
3. Allegro Giocoso - Poco Meno Presto - Tempo I
4. Allegro energico e Passionato - Piu Allegro

Brahms - Symphonies Nos. 1-4 (Die Symphonien) : Karajan : Berlin Philharmonic - 180g 4LP Box Set


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