Turntable Set Up Kit Advanced

Turntable Set Up Kit Advanced

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Turntable Set Up Kit Advanced
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So you bought a Turntable... now what  

Ultimate Turntable Set-Up  Kit to get the most out of your Sound Investment!

This money-saving kit includes everything you need to perform all the checks, tests and alignments required when setting up your turntable! 


Pro-Ject - Align-IT - Cartridge Alignment tool / Gauge

The Cartridge Alignment Tool from Pro-Ject is a handy tool that makes cartridge set-up a breeze, allowing you to quickly and properly align your cartridge. Suitable for tonearms between 8" and 12" effective length. Very accurate and simple to use. Includes an alignment mirror for checking azimuth.
• Tool for cartridge alignment and adjustment  
• Special slip-proof tool for defining the turning centre of Pro-Ject tonearms  
• Adaptable to accommodate differing tonearm lengths  
• Suitable for other manufacturers' tonearms  
• Suitable for tonearms between 8" (203mm) and 12"(305mm) effective length 
A useful, and professional-grade tool for perfect cartridge set-up and alignment. Suitable for cartridges on a variety of tonearms, from various manufacturers, this is a first-class tool for the caring and meticulous audiophile. 



Digital Electronic Stylus Force Guage

Getting the most out of any turntable requires an accurate vertical tracking force setting—and yes, kids, you can easily hear changes as slight as a tenth of a gram. Not only is AcousTech’s new gauge a relative bargain; it is small, has a backlit display, is incredibly easy to use, measures weights from 0.001 to 5.000 grams at the height of an LP’s surface, and is said to be accurate to within ± 0.002 grams.



Turntable Spirit Level 

A turntable on a slope is not good, it can effect the performance of your tonearm making it prone to jumping and skipping. This simple but effective level from the experts at Tonar will tell you if your turntables are mounted on a flat surface for optimal performance.
pirit level designed for turntables & components
Supplied in plastic storage case
Leveling Gauge will allow you level your Turntable , CD, loudspeakers, equipment support, allowing your equipment to perform to you at its best. 
Imagine the wear that goes on into your systems bearings. to say nothing of vibration, when it is running out of verticle.The eccentric forces will permanently damagebearings and introduce unwanted "noise" into you system unless accurately leveled. 





Tacet - Vinyl Check - Test Record LP - 180g LP

New Tacet 180 gram Vinyl Check With signals and recordings to test and adjust turntable replay and offers a tracking ability, wow and flutter, phase, crosstalk, tracking angle error check up etc.

Part 1: Tracking Ability
Part 2: Wow & Flutter 
Part 3: Phase
Part 4: Crosstalk
Part 5: Tracking Angle Error 
Part 6: Anti-Skating
Part 7: Tonearm Resonance
Part 8: Strident sibilants and Fricatives
Part 9 : Freuency Response
Part 10: Dynamics
Part 11: sibilance, fricatives repetition 

Tacet - Vinyl Check - Test Record LP - 180g LP




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