Turntable Set Up Kit Basic

Turntable Set Up Kit Basic

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Turntable Set Up Kit Basic
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So you bought a Turntable... now what  

Turntable Set-Up  Kit to get the most out of your Sound Investment!

This money-saving kit includes everything you need to perform all the checks, tests and alignments required when setting up your turntable! & Cartridge


Tacet - Vinyl Check - Test Record LP - 180g LP

New Tacet 180 gram Vinyl Check With signals and recordings to test and adjust turntable replay and offers a tracking ability, wow and flutter, phase, crosstalk, tracking angle error check up etc.

Part 1: Tracking Ability
Part 2: Wow & Flutter 
Part 3: Phase
Part 4: Crosstalk
Part 5: Tracking Angle Error 
Part 6: Anti-Skating
Part 7: Tonearm Resonance
Part 8: Strident sibilants and Fricatives
Part 9 : Freuency Response
Part 10: Dynamics
Part 11: sibilance, fricatives repetition 
Tacet - Vinyl Check - Test Record LP - 180g LP
Ortofon Stylus Force Gauge
The Ortofon tracking force gauge is a simple budget tool for turntables that is used to determine the stylus tracking force.
The tracking force is the downward pressure that is applied by the weight of the tonearm through the cartridge stylus and onto the vinyl record.
It is important to set the proper tracking force in order to maximize the playback performance and to reduce the risk of mistracking or causing excessive record wear.
Check for the manufacturers recommended settings for your stylus tracking force.
The Ortofon tracking force gauge tool is a small plastic pivot type scale that will accurately measure tracking force between 1.25 t 4G  8 mN (0.8 g) and 30 mN (4 g)

Ortofon Cartridge Alignment Gauge Protractor


An alignment protractor is used to find the correct distance from stylus tip to tonearm pivot. 
When aligning a cartridge for tangency using the alignment protractor, it is essential to remember
that you are attempting to align the cantilever (and, hence, the stylus), not the cartridge body.
There is no guarantee that the cantilever is perfectly aligned within the cartridge body, so simply
aligning the cartridge body will not necessarily produce the desired result. 
Furthermore, many cartridge bodies have non-parallel sides, making tangential alignment
of the cartridge body with the lines of tangency on the gauge virtually impossible. 
An alignment protractor is a plastic template onto which are printed the null point(s) and
lines of tangency against which the cartridge should be aligned. The template is placed over
the turntable's spindle (made possible via a spindle-sized hole drilled in the template)
and placed against the platter. 
Cartridge must be adjusted until the cantilever is parallel to the set of parallel lines. And this
should be achieved for both the indicated points. 
When the cartridge's longitudinal axis is parallel with the horizontal lines,
tracking error will be at a minimum.
parallel with the horisontal lines, tracking error will be at a minimum.


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