Turntable Set Up Kit Basic Plus

Turntable Set Up Kit Basic Plus

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Turntable Set Up Kit Basic Plus
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So you bought a Turntable... now what  

Turntable Set-Up  Kit to get the most out of your Sound Investment!

This money-saving kit includes everything you need to perform all the checks, tests and alignments required when setting up your turntable & Cartridge


The Cardas Frequency Sweep and Burn-in Record is a unique tuning tool for system set-up, diagnostics and maintenance.Produced by George Cardas and mastered by Stan Ricker. Vinyl Check With signals and recordings to test and adjust turntable replay and offers a tracking ability, wow and flutter, phase, crosstalk, tracking angle error check up etc.   in addition to the standard tones, includes relative and absolute polarity checks, vocal channel identification and frequency sweeps that ultrasonically clean the cartridge stylus and degauss the entire system. And, locked, pink noise grooves that repeat endlessly, blank plateaus, even a sync label to check platter speed. All on a 180 gram pressing with a smiling Stan cover.


Mobile Fidelity GEO-DISC - One of the World's Best Selling Cartridge Alignment Tools!

 Mounting and aligning phonograph cartridges can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. Not with the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab GEODISC! Finally available again after too long an absence, this cartridge alignment device is simple to use and extremely accurate. Just fit the disc on your platter and align using the simple printed graph based on the Baerwald alignment curve.

You will never realize the full potential of your cartridge without the proper set-up tool.

For Over 30 Years, the Geo-Disc has Been the Most Accurate and Most Affordable Alignment Gauge!

Mobile Fidelity - MFSL Geo-Disc Cartridge Alignment Tool Protractor

  • Tracing error-loss of subtle details in the recording
  • Tracking distortion-break up of high acceleration information
  • Frequency response distortion-loss of some areas in the audio band
  • An effective and extremely accurate way to align your turntable cartridge

Mobile Fidelity: Geo-Disc: Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool  Mobile Fidelity: Geo-Disc: Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool   Mobile Fidelity: Geo-Disc: Phono Cartridge Alignment Tool


Digital Electronic Stylus Force Guage


Accurate and simple to use – that's the essence of a great stylus force gauge

 We all know, or certainly we all should know, that dialing in your correct tracking force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback. If you miss on the heavy side, your sound becomes thick and sluggish.

Miss on the light side, and your cartridge is more likely to mistrack and the sound will be light and anemic.

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