John Lewis & Sacha Distel - Afternoon In Paris - 180g LP Mono

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John Lewis & Sacha Distel - Afternoon In Paris - 180g LP Mono
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Sam Records  - MEDX12005 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl 

AAA 100%  Analogue - Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering

Limited Edition 1000 Copies - Pressed at Pallas 

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100 Recommended All-Analog reissues Worth Owning - Michael Fremer Analogplanet 

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The mono recording is superbly transparent, particularly in terms of instrumental layering, bass articulation and especially brushwork and drums generally. The weakest aspect is typical of the era: the piano is somewhat cloudy, but still harmonically rich with generous sustain.Ray Staff cut at AIR Studios from a master tape copy with Pallas doing the pressing. The presentation is equally fine, with a fold-over laminated cover and Jean Claude Bernath's evocative photograph richly reproduced both on the cover and in an insert.This epitomizes how a record reissue should be done. You will not regret your purchase. You will regret missing it when the limited to 1000 copies issue sells out. Highly recommended! - Music 9/10 Sound 8/10 Michael Fremer Analogue Planet

"Though he enjoyed matinee idol status as a pop corroner by 1960, Sacha Distel was known as a fine jazz guitarist in the 50s, and never completely abandoned his early calling. Among the many jazz records he appeared on, the only one that is really remembered is Afternoon In Paris." - - Duck Baker, The Absolute Sound, 4/5 Music, 4.5/5 Sonics

It’s impossible to  listen to 19-year-old Wilen’s playing here without marveling at his poise and ability to improvise melodically. And close to impossible to stop listening to this timeless record once you have it on the turntable. Production values are through the roof for this rerelease. LP review 

It was in Paris that John Lewis co-led this 1956 date with Sacha Distel, a French guitarist who never became well-known in the U.S. but commanded a lot of respect in French jazz circles. The same can be said about the other French players employed on Afternoon in Paris -- neither tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen nor bassist Pierre Michelot were huge names in the U.S., although both were well-known in European jazz circles. With Lewis on piano, Distel on guitar, Wilen on tenor, Michelot or Percy Heath on bass, and Kenny Clarke or Connie Kay on drums, the part-American, part-French group of improvisers provides an above-average bop album that ranges from "Willow Weep for Me,"

"All The Things You Are," and "I Cover the Waterfront" to Milt Jackson's "Bags' Groove" and Lewis' title song. The big-toned Wilen was only 19 when Afternoon in Paris was recorded, but as his lyrical yet hard-swinging solos demonstrate, he matured quickly as a saxman. It should be noted that all of the Americans on this album had been members of the Modern Jazz Quartet; the only MJQ member who isn't on board is vibist Jackson.

"Afternoon In Paris" -

• Remastered by Ray Staff at Air Mastering Studio from a Copy of Master Tapes
• Pressed at Pallas in Germany
• Double Insert with Photo

John Lewis, piano
Sacha Distel, guitar
Barney Wilen, tenor saxophone
Pierre Michelot, bass
Percy Heath, bass
Connie Kay, drums
Kenny Clarke, drums

1956 led John Lewis in Paris this meeting together with Sacha Distel, a French guitarist who never became quite well known in the US, but in French jazz circles enjoyed much respect. The same can be said about the rest of the French musicians' In Paris Afternoon "participated in - neither tenor saxophonist Barney Wilen nor bassist Pierre Michelot had in the United States a great name, obowhl both were very well known in the European jazz scene. With Lewis on piano, thistle on guitar, Wilen on saxophone, Michelot or Percy Heath on bass and Kenny Clarke or Connie Kay on drums, the partly American and partly French group of improvisation artists offers an above-average bop album of "Willow Weep For Me, "" All The Things You Are "and" I Cover The Waterfront "on Milt Jackson's" Bags' Groove "to Lewis's theme song is enough. The sound-rich Wilen was only 19 when "Afternoon In Paris" was recorded, but prove his lyrical yet strong swinging solos that he quickly matured as a saxophone player. An almost mythical LP and one of the best that have been recorded in Frankrreich !!!

Recording of December 1956 in Paris

Side 1
        1. I Cover The Waterfront
        2. Dear Old Stockholm
        3. Afternoon In Paris
Side 2
        4. All The Things You Are
        5. Bags’ Groove
        6. Willow Deep For Me

John Lewis & Sacha Distel - Afternoon In Paris - 180g LP Mono

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