The Pixies - Surfer Rosa - 180g LP

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The Pixies - Surfer Rosa - 180g LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Mobile Fidelity - MFSL 1-296 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100% Analogue

Mastered by Shawn R Britton  from the Original Master Tape at MFSL

Numbered Limited Edition - Pressed at RTI  

Half Speed Mastered on the Mobile Fidelity The Gain 2 Ultra Analog System

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You owe it to yourself to possess at least one 'rock' recording that many (unfortunately) tend to qualify as lo-fi when in reality this is more hi-fi than 99% of what's out there or ever was Sound 4.5/5 Enjoy the music review

The Plymouth Rock on which alternative rock was founded, the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa forever altered the music environment—even if it did take most of the world a few years to catch up with its brilliance. Internationally acknowledged as a pioneering record, its rollercoaster blend of harsh and soft tempos, male and female singing, intense punk and bubblegum pop tones, dark and light quips, and off-kilter sensibilities is the influential equivalent of the Velvet Underground’s oft-cited 1968 debut.

Remastered by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab from recently discovered, first-generation analog original master tapes, this groundbreaking record now sounds as if you were experiencing it for the first time. Vivid, immediate, massive, and detailed, this is how Surfer Rosa was meant to be heard when Albini completed it and turned it into the label.

“The heaviness and hugeness of the room-reverberating drumbeat that begins the album-opening “Bone Machine” epitomizes the record’s forward impact, visceral punch, grinding crunch, and dynamic headroom. Rather than cluttering the mix with an avalanche of effects, Albini left space without sacrificing live detail or volatile oomph, shown to great effect on “Broken Face,” “Gigantic (there’s a piano—who knew?), and haunting “Where Is My Mind?,” which opens unto a sonic canyon that swallows the listener whole.” - Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound

"Smack in between hardcore punk and alternative, it was impossible to deconstruct the Pixies' ferocious howl. Their secret weapon was leaping from sweet to screamin' (which Kurt Cobain admitted to boosting): On "Gigantic," Kim Deal sings like Peppermint Patty as the band drives a spike into Eighties rock." -.rollingstone 

Summing up, this first Pixie reissue by Mobile Fidelity makes a convincing argument that when using the Original Master Tape, recorded by an original 'master' engineer the likes of Steve Albini or studio partner - and Shellac bassist - Bob Weston, that MoFi's half-speed mastering/cutting method even at 33 1/3 rpm gives a run for the money to competing 45 rpm releases cut in real time. You owe it to yourself to possess at least one 'rock' recording that many (unfortunately) tend to qualify as lo-fi when in reality this is more hi-fi than 99% of what's out there or ever was Sound 4.5/5 Enjoy the music review

 Mastered from the Original Master Tapes • Pressed at RTI


Black Francis, vocals, guitars
David Lovering, drums
Mrs. John Murphy, bass, vocals
Joey Santiago, lead guitars

1. Bone Machine 
2. Break My Body 
3. Something Against You 
4. Broken Face 
5. Gigantic 
6. River Euphrates 
7. Where Is My Mind? 
8. Cactus 
9. Tony's Theme 
10. Oh My Golly! 
11. Vamos 
12. I'm Amazed 
13. Brick Is Red


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GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ is a proprietary cutting system built and designed by legendary design genius Tim De Paravicini, with consultation from one of MFSL’s founding fathers – Stan Ricker, an audio engineer responsible for many of MFSL’s most heralded past releases.

The GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system is comprised of a Studer™ tape machine with customized reproduction electronics* and handcrafted cutting amps that drive an Ortofon cutting head on a restored Neumann VMS-70 lathe. (*It is worth noting that independent studies have confirmed that the GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system can unveil sonic information all the way up to 122kHz!)

First and foremost, we only utilize first generation original master recordings as source material for our releases. We then play back master tapes at half speed enabling the GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ system to fully extract the master’s sonic information. Our lacquers are then plated in a specialized process that protects transients in the musical signal. (Due to this process, there may be occasional pops or ticks inherent in initial play back, but as the disc is played more, a high quality stylus will actually polish the grooves and improve the sound). We further ensure optimum sound quality by strictly limiting the number of pressings printed for each release. These limited editions, in addition to being collectors’ items, ensure that the quality of the last pressing matches the quality of the first.

As you can imagine, all these efforts involve a tremendous amount of time, technology, cost and effort. The introduction of GAIN 2 Ultra Analog™ maintains Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab’s position as the world’s leading audiophile record label, where a passion for music with extraordinary sound quality matters most.

Record Technology is a world class record pressing plant located in Camarillo, California. We have been operating since 1974, pressing for most audiophile record labels and for many quality minded independent and major record labels from around the world.


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