Nagaoka CL-153R Conical Rolling Record Cleaner With Workmat

Nagaoka CL-153R Conical Rolling Record Cleaner With Workmat

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Nagaoka CL-153R Conical Rolling Record Cleaner With Workmat
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The cone-shaped roller of the CL-153R record cleaner is made of soft adhesive rubber. The roller removes dust from the bottom of records grooves as well as the record surface itself. And you can use the CL-153R record cleaner with no danger of damaging the record or its label.

The roller made up of special rubber is designed to clean the record along its groove, that is, in a circle. For easier cleaning, the grip moves freely back and forth, and right and left. You can also rotate the roller.

Cleaning along the groove keeps the special rubber roller to contact the record closely, so that even dust and dirt deep in the groove is removed.

The grip is adjusted for optimum cleaning so the roller can adhere to the record uniformly, even cleaning.

The roller can be cleaned for repeated use.

The attached cleaning mat can be used for both 33½ rpm and 45 rpm.

Nagaoka Produced in  Japan for Decades


Using the Product:

Place a record on the cleaning mat provided.
Removed the vinyl wrapping on the roller. Press the roller against the record directly across its grooves.
Move the roller clockwise along the groove.
Be careful not to tilt the cleaner too much.



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