Cartridge & Headshell Non Slip Tweezers

Cartridge & Headshell Non Slip Tweezers

Product no.: NASOT1

Cartridge & Headshell Non Slip Tweezers
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Cartridge Lead Wire Custom Non-Slip Tweezers for Secure & Safe Connection 

No More Bent Cartridge Pins or Broken Cartridge Lead Wires & Tonearm Rewires

Fitting a new cartridge NO more Pliers , Toothpicks & Ham Fisted Hands  

-Refromed and modified by Nasotec for the best performance.
-Non-slip and safe connection

Once the cartridge is affixed to the headshell, connect the fine colour coded tonearm wires to the corresponding color-coded pins on the back of the cartridge body. While connecting the tonearm wires to the cartridge pins, always handle the wires with great care – they are fragile and can be damaged by surprisingly little force. Grab the small metal cartridge clips which terminate the tonearm wires using a pair of tweezers (never grab the tonearm wires themselves!), and guide the clips onto the cartridge pins. In some cases, the clips may be difficult to fit over the cartridge pins unless they are pried open slightly using a small screwdriver or a toothpick. Don’t overdo it or the clips won’t make good contact with the pins..


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