Nasotec Swing Tangential Headshell For SPU 12.9g (for normal arm counterweight)

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Nasotec Swing Tangential Headshell For SPU 12.9g (for normal arm counterweight)
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Nasotec Swing Head Shell - a new solution to an old problem

Korean Nasotec Corporation Intoduce the Swing Headshell for all you vinylistas.

This ‘Swing Headshell’ has a very soft and flexible joint designed to make your cartridge always align with the tangent of the groove  The joint precisely machined joint has small miniature bearing inside making the “swing” of the headshell very smooth and sensitive &  will ensure the stylus keeps delicate and unbiased  tracking.

Swing Headshell will reduce tracking angle error when installed properly and should give a better sound quality than fixed headshells.

Most of the vibration from the cartridge will be dissipated at the joint and should reduce arm resonances.

In effect Nasotec  the Swing Headshell acts almost as if it were another, and very short, tonearm and will offer up a more stable stereo image than fixed headshell cartridges.

Swing Headshell to your arm will extend the life of your stylus.

The Swing Headshell is available in three different styles to suit different tonearm and cartridge set ups 

This ‘Swing Headshell’ has a very soft and flexible joint designed to make a cartridge always align with the tangent of the groove circle. In addition, the joint machined precisely has small miniature bearing inside and makes the very flexible and sensitive swings. Therefore, the stylus keeps delicate and unbiased groove tracking. The sound has no strained but dynamic, high resolution, firm bass and low vinyl noise

The problem with angular deflection when playing vinyl is about as old as the turntable itself. Nasotec have found a new solution to the problem - a sort of tangential head-shell?

Choice of solution for arm on turntable is often a choice between one of many evils. There are many parameters that must be met, and horizontal angle playback is one of these parameters. As is known, traditional radial arms introducing angular errors most places on the disc. And a shorter arm produce bigger angle deviation towards the center. If you increase the length of the arm, deviation is reduced. But simultaneously other parameters are introduced, such as increased effective mass.

Tangential arm is the optimum solution for the angular deviation. It provides perfect horizontal tracking angle through the entire board. But then, there are also here new concerns, such as displacement mechanism..

Nasotec have found a different solution to provide tangential playback. They have made a head shell they call Swing Headshell. The concept is extremely simple, and is based on a part of the head shell providing automatic orientation adjustment relative to the groove direction. Those of us who have tried towing a boat knows that it finds out the direction of speed, at least if the rope is attached to the center of the bow. And we also know that there may be some oscillation from time to time ...

Ideal for Swapping , Changing &  Spare  Stereo / Mono Cartridges
SME/Jelco  tonearms

Reduce tracking error angle.  
'Swing Headshell' groove tracking aligned with the tangential direction 
he soft and delicate swing complements  and produces a top high-quality sound of music.

Minimize tonearm resonance.  
Most of vibration in a cartridge is cleared away through the joint and the extremely 
small amount of the vibration is transferred to the arm. According to our comparison
test of tonearm resonance, we found arms equipped with 'Swing Headshell'
are superior to any other common type of present tonearms resonance. 
Due to the joint equipped with 'Swing Headshell',the resonance is better than 
one-body headshell or tonearm.

Improve tracking ability.  
To make it easy to understand what the 'Swing Headshell' is'
is an another short arm.  having a soft joint, short and light arm with 'Swing Headshell' can 
track a groove delicately and with well-balanced forces.
How can it be possible? The stylus can  enter deep in the groove, with  light 
weight and flexible swing, and track  both sides of groove with well-balanced forces.  
check out the performance of LP test.record &  And also we make sure that our customers 
will be found an excellent tracking and resonance in our product.

Extend lifespan of the stylus.
We can expect a longer life span of the stylus since the soft and flexible swing reduce the pressure 
of stylus and reduces stylus  wear on one-sided

Nasotec Swing Headshell 201A 10.7g



Most important points : Azimuth and swing balance. 
 Azimuth has a great effect on the swing. 
  Tap both sides of the headsell lightly with a thin and flexible stick 
  and check two swing movements are nearly the same.
- The stylus should be just above the record surface when adjust swing balance. 
- The azimuth and swing balance adjusted on the arm lifter may not be accurate.


Weight: 10.7g
- Swing angle: +/- 5º
- CNC machined aluminum
- Accessories
 . Lead wire set (Gold plated phosphor bronze connector + Cardas copper litz wire)
 . Bolt, nut and plastic washer set
 . Hex key 
 . Instruction manual
- Color: Black / Wine red







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