Panda Bear - Tomboy- Box Set 4LP

Panda Bear - Tomboy- Box Set 4LP

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Panda Bear - Tomboy- Box Set 4LP
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Limited Edition four vinyl LP box set

featuring the Tomboy full length on two LPs, the Tomboy single mixes on one LP and several Tomboy unreleased instrumentals and a cappellas, plus "The Preakness" on one LP. 2011 solo album from Animal Collective member Noah Lennox (AKA Panda Bear). Recorded at his studio in Lisbon, and mixed by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom, Spacemen 3), Tomboy sees Panda Bear stepping away from the sample-based parameters of his previous record and incorporating more guitar and synthesizer.

Still prevalent, though, is the interest in texture that made Person Pitch such a dense record; crashing waves and cheering crowds bounce against the gurgling arpeggios and give the tracks an immense sense of space.

Soaked in reverb and punctuated with inflections of delay, the album's drums reveal a Dub influence which gives them a visceral punch that lingers after each hit. The record, massive in its span of emotion, genre, and sound, is the welcome return of one of the most prolific and consistent audio pioneers in recent memory

Disc: 1
1. You Can Count On Me
2. Tomboy
3. Slow Motion
4. Surfer's Hymn
5. Last Night at the Jetty
6. Drone
Disc: 2
1. The Preakness
2. Alsatian Darn
3. Scheherazade
4. Friendship Bracelet
5. Afterburner

6. Benfica

Disc: 3
1. Drone
2. Tomboy
3. Last Night at the Jetty
4. Surfer's Hymn
5. Scheherazade
6. Benfica
7. Slow Motion
8. Friendship Bracelet
9. Alsatian Darn
10. Bullseye
11. You Can Count On Me
Disc: 4
1. Alsatian Darn (Instrumental)
2. Slow Motion (Instrumental)
3. Friendship Bracelet (Instrumental)
4. Drone (Instrumental)
5. Last Night at the Jetty (Instrumental)
6. You Can Count On Me (A Cappella)
7. Alsatian Darn (A Cappella)
8. Slow Motion (A Cappella)
9. Afterburner (A Cappella)
10. Drone (A Cappella)

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