Mary Black - Babes In The Wood - 180g LP

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Mary Black - Babes In The Wood - 180g LP
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AAA 100% Analogue This LP was Remastered using Pure Analogue Components Only, from the Master Tapes through to the Cutting Head

Pure Pleasure / Dara 3u - PPAN002  - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - AAA 100% Analogue

Limited Edition - Pure Analogue Audiophile Mastering

Pressed  at Pallas Germany

Pure Analogue  This LP is an Entirely Analogue Production

Featured in Michael Fremer's Heavy Rotation in the July 2006 Issue of Stereophile! -asy to recommend reissue! SOUND 9/10 MUSIC 9/10

The Irish folk/pop singer Mary Black, a genuine superstar at home, has built a worldwide following on the strength of her mesmerizing, crystal clear voice and an uncanny ability to wring every drop of meaning from the lyrics she interprets.

No doubt the dramatic/blarney balladry on this album, originally released back in 1991, will be a bit on the new age/MOR side for some listeners, but if you love Eva Cassidy’s gorgeous Songbird, you’ll love this too.I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Ms. Black’s singing inspired Cassidy, but I’m just guessing. I like punk but I like this too because it's genuine. Aside from Joni Mitchell’s wistful “Urge For Going,” and Richard Thompson’s calmative “Dimming Of The Day” I’m unfamiliar with the other ten tunes, but they are all melody-rich, mid-tempo, ballads of unceasing optimism, like side one’s closer “Just Around the Corner,” with its chorus of “Love is just around the corner for you.”

In a song about love found and lost, Black consoles “For all the bruises for all the blows, I’d rather feel the thorn than to never see the rose.” Got the song’s message?

That’s the album’s too. Darkly cast cynics are advised to stay away, Otherwise, this album is delightful, both musically and sonically. They sure know how to produce beautifully recorded albums in Dublin, that’s for sure and this is one from Ringsend Road Studios Dublin, rivals the best from Windmill or Lansdowne. The acoustic set (with a sprinkle of synth) features guitars, dobro, mandolin, accordion, fiddle and saxophone, all naturally and transparently recorded with great care, and then mixed tastefully with just a light powdery coating of studio dross.

Black’s voice needs no help and is recorded with crystalline clarity and finished with a touch of reverb. This gorgeous sounding 1991 album was briefly available on DMM cut vinyl on the Grapevine label (Grape LP 008). The Grapevine issue was very well done and considered an audiophile gem way back when and this Pure Pleasure reissue is at least as good, though a bit more transparent and revealing.

An easy to recommend reissue! SOUND 9/10 MUSIC 9/10

Topped Charts In Ireland For Six Weeks! 

Featured in Michael Fremer's Heavy Rotation in the July 2006 Issue of Stereophile! 

Celtic musician Mary Black is most popular in Ireland. As a female vocalist she has fans' respect from modern and traditional music with her uncanny knack for unveiling the true meaning of a song. Babes In the Wood topped the charts of Ireland in 1991 for six weeks.

This is a very feminine record, gentle and thoughtful.

"Black is set to conquer a new world." - Rolling Stone.

"It's one time that separates her from international stardom." - The New York Post.

"She connected emotionally with her material practically on a molecular level...a staggering talent, a breathtaking vocalist who hardly fits any conventional mold..." - San Francisco Chronicle.

Accordion – Pat Crowley
Backing Vocals – Declan Scott, Pat Crowley
Double Bass – Garvan Galagher
Engineer – Andrew Boland, Tim Boland, Willie Mannion
Fiddle – Maire Bhreatnach
Guitar – Declan Scott
Mandolin – Declan Scott
Percussion – Noel Bridgeman
Piano – Pat Crowley
Producer – Declan Sinnott
Saxophone – Carl Geraghty
Synth – Maire Bhreatnach

1. Still Believing
2. Bright Blue Rose
3. Golden Mile
4. Babes in the Wood
5. The Thorn upon the Rose
6. Just Around the Corner
7. Brand New Star
8. Prayer for Love
9. Adam at the Window
10. The Dimming of the Day
11. Might as Well Be a Slave
12. The Urge for Going

Recorded at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin March 1991 - June 1991.

Mary Black - Babes In The Wood - 180g LP

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