Pro-Ject Elemental Hi-Fi System

Pro-Ject Elemental Hi-Fi System

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Pro-Ject Elemental Hi-Fi System
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A complete hi-fi system built around the Elemental turntable. An all Pro-Ject system with great sound for an astonishing price.

The Elemental turntable represents phenomenal value for money. This affordable record player sings like a deck far above its price point; so to properly complement it we've put together this unique system built of similarly priced electronics,  and speakers to allow hi-fi newcomers to get started with a great sound without breaking the bank.

This system offers such a comprehensive sound performance, that it's also a worthy consideration for second-room systems.

The system consists of:

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable pre-fitted Ortofon OM5e Cartridge
Pro-Ject Stereo Box S Phono  Integrated Amplifier 25wpc with Remote Control
Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 2 Way Bookshelf / Stand Speakers

Speaker Cables

The additional inputs on the Stereo Box Phono integrated amplifier mean that this system can get you up and running with vinyl playback straight away, but adding more sources in the future is simple - use any of the remaining 3 line inputs to add a DAC, CD player, streamer, MP3 player or any other source easily. 

Complete vinyl hi-fi system, compiled with price and performance in mind

  • Easily add extra sources from the S-Line range  thanks to the Stereo Box Phono's additional inputs
  • Turntable supplied with pre-fitted Ortofon OM5e cartridge
  • Amplifier capable of producing 30W output (4Ω)
  • Turntable available in Silver, Red or White
  • Amplifier in Silver or Black
  • Speakers in Black , White or Red


Pro-Ject Elemental Hi-Fi System  Stereoboxsphono: click to enlarge


 The Elemental is yet another top-class budget deck from Pro-Ject"..WHF-5-Stars.jpg  
An Elemental Bargain  Ken Kessler Soundstage 
How cheap is cheap? When is cheap too cheap? Is such a thing even possible? 
Not that there's anything cheap about Pro-Ject's Elemental, a turntable so utterly cool and fun and desirable 
that it defies reason. But to define with finality the concept of "cheap," let's get it out of the way so you can 
revel in this turntable's brilliance. "Cheap" can mean either "costing very little," or it can mean "nasty," as 
when applied to something poorly constructed or even wanton. Trust me: its usage here is strictly about the price.
Colours  White , Red or Silver
Plug & Play with Pre-Installed Ortofon OM5e MM Cartridge  
The Pro-Ject Elemental is one of the most basic and easy to set-up turntables we've ever come across. But that doesn't mean it doesn't deliver.
This is a very talented, and capable turntable with good build quality for the price. It's the best budget turntable on the market.
Those who want a good-quality record player at an entry-level price should start here. They won’t be disappointed.
"The Elemental is yet another top-class budget deck from Pro-Ject. It's a fine first step on the vinyl ladder."    What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine. 5-Star review. 

The Pro-Ject Stereo Box S Phono is a combination of the Stereo Amp Box S, Pre Box S and Phono MM, in one stylish body, offering exceptional sound quality. 

The new "S" body design makes the Stereo Box S Phono a slim and elegant looking device.

The amplifier can be controlled with a slim-line IR remote, or via the simple and minimal front-facing controls. A 'Record Out' is also included on the back of the device, allowing the Stereo Box S Phono to be partnered with other stereo components like the Head Box! 

The built in phono stage is capable of accommodating your moving magnet cartridge with ease so no matter what MM cartridge you have you're covered.


  • 2 x 37 watts @ 4 ohms
  • 2 ohm drive capability
  • Low noise pure analogue audio circuitry
  • Dual mono design principle
  • 3 stereo lines and phono input (RCA)
  • Fixed line level record out
  • Motor drive potentiometer
  • IR remote included 
  • 2 different face-plate colours, black or silver
Output Power:
2 x 25W @ 8Ω (Both Channels Driven)
2 x 37W @ 4Ω (Both Channels Driven)
A clear winner in this group test, this small speaker amazed our listeners with its exuberant musicality! 
The bass is fast, lean and free of boom, while the midrange is detailed, articulate and revealing. In it’s luxury piano gloss finish, it’s great value for money, too!  - HIFI Critic Recommended Component


Audiophile 2-way monitor speaker using bass reflex system, tight and clear bass, reflex port on back side, outstanding value for money, ideal for use with other Box Design components, high-gloss piano lacquer  Finish in 3 colours: black, white, red  


Speakerbox5: click to enlargeSpeakerbox5: click to enlargeSpeakerbox5: click to enlarge


Pro-Ject Speaker Box 5 are audiophile 2-way monitor speakers designed to match perfectly with other Box items, available in black, red, or white. The Speaker Box 5 speakers feature a bass reflex system, for tight and clear bass (rear ported) and offer outstanding value for money.
Each colour features a high-gloss piano lacquer finish that looks stunning alongside other Pro-Ject Box models with or without the matching Design Box cases.
These speakers are also small enough to be used in many other applications - put them with an iPod system, use them as rear satellite speakers in a home theatre set-up, or wall mount them (brackets available separately) and select the colour that best suits your taste. All colours include removeable front grilles

• Audiophile bass-reflex design  

• Glossy lacquer finish in 3 colours  

• Recommended amplifier power 10 to 150 watts  

• Magnetically shielded  

• Front cover with magnetic attachment  

• Frequency response 55Hz - 20kHz  

• Gild-plated speaker terminal (single-wired)  

• Simple Wall-mount included  

• Speaker-Box Wall Bracket available as an option  


Part of the Pro-Ject S Line Range of Audiophile Micro Components & Systems

Turntables ,  Racks , Speakers , CD Players  , DAC , Streamers , Headphone  etc



Designboxacrylmicroracks: click to enlarge


Setmicrohifisystem: click to enlarge

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