Pro-Ject VT-E Vertical Turntable - Wall or Table Mounted

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Pro-Ject’s VT-E is the latest vertical turntable on the market and the latest addition to the Austrian firm’s extensive turntable line. Not only is it just plain cool to look at and display, not to mention a great conversation piece, it remains a functional turntable that holds up well against the competition, sounding as good as anything else at this price. A fantastic effort from Pro-Ject and one which I wholeheartedly applaud. Highly recommended.- Audio Review

Considering what this turntable is: a lifestyle design that, in its category, sits among – let’s be frank about this – a heap of dross, the VT-E shines like a star of utmost purity. Derived from a turntable of class and distinction, the VT-E’s pedigree enables it to walk all over similar vertical turntable ideas and implementations. Would I recommend it as an audiophile purchase? No…but you could do a lot worse, let me tell you. But damning the VT-E in this way would be a silly thing to do because it has not been designed to compete with audiophile turntables. It’s a lifestyle design. Fun too. The Project VT-E not only works, it works well and would be ideal for the music fan with no audiophile pretensions or even as a second turntable in a cramped room. In short, its a brilliant little design and, at the price, what’s not to like? Rating 8/10 Theaudiophileman

Turntable makers Pro-ject has unveiled their newest deck. The VTE is a vertical turntable that can either stand or be attached to the wall, displaying your records as they spin.

Based on the brand’s affordable plug-in-and-play Elemental model

The Pro-Ject VT-E R is an audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with vertical table-top set-up and a fascinating wall-mount option!

A turntable set-up neednt be complicated - the VTE turntable proves that. This great sounding belt-driven deck comes pre-adjusted out of the box - no further set-up is needed. Tracking force and anti-skating are carefully set. The VTE turntable can be positioned on a table or mounted on a wall.

For further ease of use, a special version with phono pre-amplifier and Bluetooth transmitter is available.

The turntable is available in black matt, red matt or white matt colour.

• Vertical standing or wall mount option included  
• Choose “R” (right-handed) or “L” (left-handed) version  
• Instant playback with super-easy setup  
• Record clamp for secure record fixing  
• Belt drive with silicone belt  
• Low vibration synchronous motor & DC power supply  
• 8,6” aluminium tonearm  
• Ortofon OM5e cartridge, pre-mounted  
• Pre-adjusted tracking force & anti-skating force  
• Special mechanism for perfect tracking in vertical position  
• Pre-mounted gold-plated RCA interconnect cable  
• Colour options: Black matt, White matt, Red matt  
Audiophile “Plug & Play” turntable with easiest possible vertical set-up including wall-mount option!  
A turntable set-up does not need to be complicated like rocket-science, our VT-E turntable proves that. This good sounding belt-driven deck offers 2 versions for left– and right-handed users. The VT-E turntable can be positioned on a table or mounted on a wall. The fastest installation process is made possible, because it comes pre-adjusted out of the box. No further set-up is needed. Tracking force and anti-skating are carefully set. The turntable is available in black matt, red matt or white matt colour.

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  Turntable Only Supplied other Project items NOT Included

Please Advise VT-R R ( Right ) or VTR-L ( Left Handed Version )

Pro-Ject Box-Design E Line Reference Range of Analogue & Digital Components


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Pro-Ject RPM 1 Carbon Micro Stereo System Turntable / Amplifier / Speakers





Pro-Ject Audio Systems is known for its beautiful range of price-friendly turntables. As the largest turntable manufacturer in the world, the company has helped power the resurgence of vinyl, which is predicted to overtake CD in popularity within a few years. Pro-Ject also manufactures a Wide range of Quality hi-fi components.

Pro-Ject products are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject's manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country In cooperating with this company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, located in Vienna, found the ideal partner for their plans to produce the goods that they missed from amongst the vast flood of consumer hifi products - simple, uncluttered and utterly functional products.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many countries of the world customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology. Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. they are simple to use, maintanance free and will function reliably a lifetime long. They also offer extraordinary value

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