Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB Turntable / Ortofon OM5e

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Best buy turntable with maximum simplicity, outstanding sound quality & USB recording capability!  


Whether you’re taking your first step on the vinyl ladder, re-discovering your record collection, or simply want to transfer a few old 45s to your iPod, the Pro-Ject elemental is a great place to start. It’s simple to use and sounds better than it has any right to at the price. It’ll outlast any mass-produced plastic turntable. And, perhaps most importantly of all, it won’t ruin your record collection. Highly recommended.”  Audio Appraisal

• Belt drive system  

• Integrated motor control with DC power supply secures silent running  

• Central gravity mass point made from artificial stone  

• Main platter bearing made from stainless steel runs in bronze bushing with Teflon bottom  

• Low resonance MDF platter with felt mat  

• 8,6” ultra low mass tonearm with straight arm tube  

• Pre-adjusted tracking force & antiskating  

• Gold-plated RCA contacts & cartridge pins  

• Integrated phono stage with precise RIAA equalisation  

• Line level output  

• A/D converter for vinyl recording with USB B output  

• Colour options: red-black, white-black, silver-black


Connects to Line Level Input for Amplifiers without a Phono Stage or Pc/Computer or Active Speakers



Thanks to the standard USB socket, the Elemental USB becomes a whole lot more flexible. Connect up to your PC or laptop and you can record, via software, straight to your hard drive. From here simply burn on to CD or transfer to your digital music library. A further bonus is that the Elemental USB also has a phono stage built-in, meaning that you don't need an amp with one built-in or a separate phono pre-amp.


• Dust cover separately available 

Best buy turntable with maximum simplicity & outstanding sound quality!  

 The Elemental is yet another top-class budget deck from Pro-Ject"..  
An Elemental Bargain  Ken Kessler Soundstage 
How cheap is cheap? When is cheap too cheap? Is such a thing even possible? 
Not that there's anything cheap about Pro-Ject's Elemental, a turntable so utterly cool and fun and desirable 
that it defies reason. But to define with finality the concept of "cheap," let's get it out of the way so you can 
revel in this turntable's brilliance. "Cheap" can mean either "costing very little," or it can mean "nasty," as 
when applied to something poorly constructed or even wanton. Trust me: its usage here is strictly about the price.


Best buy turntable with maximum simplicity, outstanding sound quality & USB recording capability!  


Pro-Ject has decided to go after the cheap plastic turntable market with an high quality alternative that comes complete with an Ortofon cartridge. The new Elemental Phono USB table is a real "plug'n'play" all the way. No adjustment of counterweight and antiskating is needed, because both are pre-adjusted. This new straight tonearm is optimised for Ortofon OM cartridge series. All the buyer needs to do is remove it from the box, remove bearing guard, locate the belt around the platter, remove stylus guard and plug it into hifi system and computer.  

The only plastic here is the stylus guard!


The hidden secret to the new table's sonic success, is a central gravity mass point, made from artificial stone and placed directly underneath the platter bearing. It is capable to fully absorb unwanted rumble and motor vibration. This turntable appears to be pure simplicity itself, while maintaining high quality audio standards and vinyl recording capability. 


The Elemental is yet another top-class budget deck from Pro-Ject. It's a fine first step on the vinyl ladder."    What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision magazine. 5-Star review. 


Pro-Ject Elemental


What Hi-Fi?, April 2014: First Tests - Turntables Score: 5 Stars

"How does the Elemental Perform? Once settled, it delivers a surprisingly capable sound. The deck has a tidy presentation - one that delivers good amount of insight alongside a surefooted rhythmic structure."
"Play Bob Marley's Stir it up and this Pro-Ject delivers a convincing sound with a nicely agile bassline and well proportioned vocals. There's plenty of detail in Marley's voice, and enough subtlety to make us forget we're listening to an entry-level deck." 
"We're pleased with the player's fluid way with dynamics and its ability to tie instrumental strands together to form a well-organised whole.""Those who want a good-quality record player at an entry-level price should start here. They won't be disappointed."
Future Upgrade with the  Pro-Ject - Acryl-IT E - Acrylic Turntable Platter
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The Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB is a wonderful plug-and-play introduction to turntables
Connecting up the Elemental is simply a matter of hooking up a pair of active speakers or an amplifier using the pair of RCA jacks on the back. An RCA cable is included, with integrated grounding cables if you need them. While your speakers will have a determining effect on sound quality, the Elemental produced a warm tone across all the speakers we tried it with. Whether listening to Bob Dylan or Heart or a Mahler symphony, the audio produced was very good. 
As the name implies, the Elemental Phono USB also has a USB type-B connection. This will let you connect the turntable to a computer to then rip your vinyl records to a digital format. No software is included but there are plenty of free options available, such as Audacity . This even has plugins for vinyl restoration, making ripping and tagging tracks an easy process. If you have any rare vinyl that's not already in a digital format, this option will be a real boon.
While the Elemental is a very reasonably priced turntable, we were never concerned it would damage our records thanks to its quality cartridge and tonearm. Other turntables are available for much less money, but there is often a concern that these can do permanent damage to the records due to cheap cartridges with a poor stylus.
The Pro-Ject Elemental Phono USB is a very capable turntable, either for newcomers to vinyl or those looking to make a return. It simplifies the set-up process and removes the need to invest in expensive additional equipment. Getting everything working is very easy and the components are all of good quality. The experience of listening to a record and the tangibility of music ownership are also nice bonuses.
Even if you're not looking to rip your vinyl to digital formats, the USB version of the Elemental benefits from the built-in phono preamp that is missing from the standard Pro-Ject Elemental. The cost of a Pro-Ject phono preamp is around £50 alone, so the additional £60 cost for the Phono USB version is easy to accept just for the off-chance you might ever want to use the USB output. 
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