Pro-Ject 1 Xpression Carbon Turntable UKX / Ortofon 2M Silver

Pro-Ject 1 Xpression Carbon Turntable UKX / Ortofon 2M Silver

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The Pro-ject 1 Xpression UKX is clearly one of the class leaders. Nothing else at this price digs up as much detail or delvers it with such precision - What HIFI 5 Stars Jan 2015
Pro-Ject 8.6cc Evo Carbon Fibre Tonearm
Factory Fitted  Ortofon 2M Silver MM moving Magnet Cartridge
The Xpression Carbon advances on other turntables thanks to its one-piece carbon fibre tonearm, which is mounted in a brand new heavy-weight assembly, inspired by the superior Evolution tonearms. This over-sized support effectively isolates the tonearm from the plinth, and takes any minor resonances in the tonearm and dissipates them immediately - allowing only the original music signal to be sent to your amplifier.
“The 1 Xpression Carbon is a cracking little package for the money.” HiFi News  Outstanding Product Award
“Great-value turntable that delivers super sound quality.”. Hifi Choice
Absurdly Good Value For Money - HIFI Pig Review
Mounted on the tonearm is the new Ortofon 2M Silver, a special version of Ortofon's world famous 2M Red cartridge, finished with silver coils for optimal signal generation.
The Xpression Carbon benefits from a new AC motor design with DC power supply. It achieves this unique combination by incorporating an AC generator on the underside of the turntable - so the DC power supply signal is changed to a clean AC supply, which allows the 9V motor to perform at its optimal level.
The motor is isolated from the main plinth - to avoid resonance transference - by two rubber gromits designed and manufactured by Ortofon's expert rubber division. The motor applies rotating force to a sub-platter, which drives the high-gloss main platter.
The Xpression Carbon is supplied with both a felt and a cork mat, to tailor the sound perfectly for your ears, and your environment.
Let’s get straight to the point: I have never seen a piece of kit show this degree of musicality for so Xpression Carbon UKX (Bordeaux)little. For less than £600 all in, here is a complete turntable package that will show a clean pair of heels to almost anything digital that I have heard up to twice its price. I am also struggling to identify an analogue package in the same price range that comes close to competing on sound quality or finish.
Listening to the UKX, I had to remind myself time and again of the cost as I found myself holding it to much higher standards than its RRP justifies. 
Absurdly Good Value For Money - HIFI Pig Review
Key Features:
Manual turntable
New DC power-supply
Low-noise synchronous AC motor
Motor isolation blobs designed by Ortofon
High-gloss platter
Carbon fibre tonearm
Evolution-inspired tonearm support
Available in three high-gloss finishes
Pre-fitted with an Ortofon 2M Silver
Gold-plated RCA phono sockets
Lid included
Technical Data:
Fitted Cartridge: Ortofon 2M Silver
Nominal Speeds: 33 / 45 / 78 RPM (78 Optional)
Speed & Variance:  33: 0.2% 45: 0.18% 
Wow & Flutter:  33: 0.14% 45: 0.13% 
Platter:  300mm 
Main Bearing:  Stainless Steel 
Effective Arm Length:  218.5mm 
Overhang:  22.0mm 
Effective Tonearm Mass:  8.0g 
Tracking Force Range:  0 - 30mn 
Dust Cover: Yes
RCA Phono Sockets: Yes
Tonearm: 9" Carbon Fibre Evolution
Power Supply: 15V DC
Power Consumption:  4.0W 
Dimensions (WxHxD):  415 x 130 x 335mm 
Weight:  5.5kg 
The Xpression Carbon is available in three stunning high-gloss finishes; Black, Bordeaux and Midnight Blue
Carbon UKX Bordeaux & Midnight Blue with Upgraded Acrylic Platter
Build Quality – 10/10 – (it really is hard to see on any standards, let alone budget kit, what they could do better)
Sound Quality – 8.5/10
Value for money – 10/10
Overall – 9.5/10
Price when reviewed – £575
Absurdly good value for money plug and play analogue system for people getting started in vinyl or who need a secondary analogue system for their residual vinyl collection.





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Pro-Ject Audio Systems is known for its beautiful range of price-friendly turntables. As the largest turntable manufacturer in the world, the company has helped power the resurgence of vinyl, which is predicted to overtake CD in popularity within a few years. Pro-Ject also manufactures a Wide range of Quality hi-fi components.

Pro-Ject products are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject's manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country In cooperating with this company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, located in Vienna, found the ideal partner for their plans to produce the goods that they missed from amongst the vast flood of consumer hifi products - simple, uncluttered and utterly functional products.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many countries of the world customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology. Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. they are simple to use, maintanance free and will function reliably a lifetime long. They also offer extraordinary value for money.

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