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£250 FREE Vinyl of your Choice 

Golden Ear Award Winner – The Absolute Sound

 Pro-Ject has made a very strong case to be considered a serious contender in a more upscale turntable market. This turntable has the build quality and looks to hold its own among turntables costing thousands more. I have heard how form follows function so many times and I just know that was nothing more than an excuse to explain away an ugly product. Not so here. The Xtension 10 hits both points – form and function.- Homethrearehifi

2015 The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice Award

Special Package Fitted with Multi-Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza 

for Extra £1100 ( £1825 RRP ) Saving £725

or Cadenza Red for extra £550 ( £ 875 RRP ) Saving £ 325

"Play It, Love It"

The Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Evolution turntable is tailor made for vinyl addicts who crave the sound quality of Pro-Ject's critically acclaimed Xtension 12, but in a more compact size that easily fits standard audio racks.

"This turntable has the build quality and looks to hold its own among turntables costing thousands more," marvels Jim Clements in  Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Through the Xtension 10, Pro-Ject has made a very strong case to be considered a serious contender in a more upscale turntable market."

The Absolute Sound magazine awarded the Pro-Ject Xtension 10 its coveted Golden Ear Award . "This combination pays off with great sound, as well as a deep emotional impact, meaning that it retrieves deep layers of information from an LP's grooves while bringing an intellectual and emotional connection to the music that is rare in my experience," raves Wayne Garcia. "Strongly Recommended"

"'Plug it, play it, love it,' is the order of the day," reports Alan Sircom  of HiFi+ magazine. "It's a turntable that combines all of the benefits and none of the psychoses of the high end. Strongly recommended."

"Sound was fresh and detailed," notes Germany's Audio magazine "Our test listeners never had the experience of aggressiveness. Nevertheless, in its deep agility, a fundamental authority constantly dominated."

Mass Loading Meets Floating Turntable Design

The Xtension 10 takes maximum advantage of Pro-Ject's 20 years of experience in turntable design. The chassis is made from MDF filled with metal sand to achieve high mass and non-resonance. Magnetic feet, which decouple the main plinth from its base, are combined with a weighty 48.5-lb. total turntable mass. The result is a unique combination of 'mass loading' and 'floating turntable' design principles.

Sophisticated 'Sandwich' Platter

Instead of the standard approach of using pure metal for the main platter, Pro-Ject has developed what the company calls a "perfect alloy," which is damped on the inner side with Sorbothane. Next, Pro-Ject glued recycled vinyl records to the top to act as a "perfect" mat and then baked this sophisticated 'sandwich' before precision balancing it. The final product becomes a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter that runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension.

Electronic Speed Control

The Xtension 10 offers electronic speed control at the push of a button, thanks to the built-in Pro-Ject Speed Box DS. No fumbling with belts and pulleys when you want to change speed. The quartz regulation and filter circuit used by the Speed Box DS deliver superior speed stability for smooth and undisturbed motor operation.

10cc Carbon Fiber Tonearm with High-Mass Tonearm Base

Included with the Xtension 10 is 10cc Evolution tonearm with conical carbon-fiber armtube which eliminates standing wave reflections. The solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracking angle). The single-screw fixing of the armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of the needle azimuth despite the fixed headshell. The 10cc Evolution uses highly flexible top-grade copper internal wiring and a Linn standard mount

The tonearm base benefits from high-mass technologies and is isolated from the main board by a sheet of Sorbothane. The tonearm accommodates a wide range of top quality phono cartridges, from 4g to 14g, and comes with a set of four different Sorbothane-damped counterweights.

Xtension 10 Evolution comes with a beautiful dustcover with adjustable hinges. The turntable is available in your choice of three high gloss lacquer finishes: mahogany, piano black, or olive wood.( Walnut & Palisander  special order )

NO Cartridge Supplied - Full Range of MM/MC Cartridges can be Supplied & Fitted Special Price package with the Multi Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza MCs


Special Package Fitted with Multi-Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza 

for Extra £1100 ( £1825 RRP ) Saving £725

or Cadenza Red for extra £550 ( £ 875 RRP ) Saving £ 325

The Perfect Partner for Pro-Ject  Box-Design RS Line Reference Range of Analogue & Digital Components

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Super-heavy 22 kg belt drive turntable

Mass-loaded magnetic-floating subchassis
Precision balanced sandwich-platter
Inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic support
Heavy weight record clamp
Extremely low level of natural resonance
Perfect decoupling through magnetic feet
Electronic speed control 33 / 45 / 78 rpm
Tonearm 10cc Evolution made from carbon fibre
Inverted tonearm bearings (ABEC 7 quality) 

Technical Data:   :

33 / 45 / 78 RPM
(Speed Box DS Built-In)
Acrylic Dust Cover:    Yes
Tonearm Cable Included:    Pro-Ject Connect-It 5P-C
Aluminium Feet:

Magnetically Supported
Sorbothane Damped
T/T Main Bearing Damping:    Heavy-Weight Metal Block
Maximum Speed Variance:    ± 0.08%
Maximum Wow & Flutter:    ± 0.01%
Rumble:    -73dB
Platter Weight / Diameter:    5.7kg / 300mm
Effective Arm Length / Overhang:    254mm / 16mm
Effective Tonearm Mass:    8.5g
Tracking Force Range:    10 - 30mN
Cartridge Weight Range:

4 - 14g
(4 Different Counterweights)
External Power Supply:

220 - 240V / 50Hz Supply
15V / 1000mA DC
Dimensions (W x H x D):

480 x 235 x 400
480 x 495 x 535 (Lid Open)
Weight:    22kg

No other record player in this price range is able to manage this with greater  perfection and assurance. - Stereo

Pr-Ject Audio Systems is known for its beautiful range of price-friendly turntables. As the largest turntable manufacturer in the world, the company has helped power the resurgence of vinyl, which is predicted to overtake CD in popularity within a few years. Pro-Ject also manufactures a Wide range of Quality hi-fi components.

Pro-Ject products are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject's manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country In cooperating with this company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, located in Vienna, found the ideal partner for their plans to produce the goods that they missed from amongst the vast flood of consumer hifi products - simple, uncluttered and utterly functional products.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many countries of the world customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology. Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. they are simple to use, maintanance free and will function reliably a lifetime long. They also offer extraordinary value

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