Pro-Ject Wash-IT 250 Record Cleaning Fluid Concentrate - 250ml

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Pro-Ject Wash-IT 250 Record Cleaning Fluid Concentrate - 250ml
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This makes Pro-Ject’s VC-S record cleaning machine (andFfluid) a must have for any crate digger serious about returning previously DJ-d vinyl to home-playable condition. A no nonsense DAR-KO Award goes out to Pro-Ject for a no nonsense, easy to use and highly effective appliance. Digitalaudioreview


Replacement washer fluid for the Pro-Ject VC-S. RCM Record Cleaning Machine

250ml Concentrate will clean Approx 375 Records

Optimum mix ratio 1:5 with Distilled/RO/Demineralized water

This cleaning fluid is specially formulated to remove the deepest dirt from your records and keeping them clean and protected.

The Wash-IT fluid is available in volumes of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre bottles.

(1 litre of fluid can clean around 1500 records.)

Project VC-S Vinyl Record Cleaner Fluid Concentrate

Designed  for the Project VC-S Record Cleaning System, the Wash it & Wash Record Cleaning Concentrate results in a faster cleaning time and leaves your vinyl records clean and completely dry


 Highly concentrated cleaning formula by Pro-Ject

 Wash it  contain only high-purity components

  Optimum mix ratio 1:5 with distilled/demineralized water

 Record looks like new after washing

 For very dirty records repeat the cleaning process

 Dissolves a wide range of impurities including frat

 Evaporates quickly and leaves zero residues


Pro-Ject VC-S RCM - Shown NOT Included

Pro-Ject Vinyl Cleaner VC-S

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