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£300 FREE Vinyl of your Choice 

Special Package Fitted with Multi-Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza 

for Extra £1100 ( £1825 RRP ) Saving £725

or Cadenza Red for extra £550 ( £ 875 RRP ) Saving £ 325

Okay, 5.000 Euro does not sound like a „special offer“, but this turntable surely fits into the 10.000 to 20.000 Euro class. LP Magazine

Heavy as a dumbbell and smooth as silk, Pro-Ject's Signature 10 is vinyl bliss."

"Weighing in at almost 50 pounds, it’s a sturdy, beautiful beast. And it’s built to deliver great sound, with reduced resonance and noise. It does that via a mass-loaded subchassis, magnetic feet that are decoupled from the chassis & a floating-magnetic platter." ElectronicHouse

Heavy as a dumbell and smooth as silk, Pro-Ject’s Signature 10 is vinyl bliss  The price for this gorgeous piece of craftsmanship? A wallet-busting $6,000 — definitely a luxury item. But then again, if you owned a Signature 10, chances are you’d spend all your money on records and all of your time holed up in your room listening, so you wouldn’t have to worry about such pesky expenses as a car payment, or gas - Digital trends 

Special Package Fitted with Multi-Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza 

for Extra £1100 ( £1825 RRP ) Saving £725

or Cadenza Red for extra £550 ( £ 875 RRP ) Saving £ 325

"A Sturdy, Beautiful Beast"

Pro-Ject's Signature 10 is a no-compromise high-end turntable system with an amazing Signature 10 tonearm. Its sophisticated design combines mass-loaded with floating turntable principles for unparalleled performance at anywhere near the money – or even far above the price!

"Mass Loading Meets Magnetic Suspension

Magnetic feet and TPE-pillows decouple the Signature 10's resonance-free chassis. The tank of a chassis is constructed from heavy MDF and is metal granule-filled for extreme mass loading that's resistant to the compromising effects of room-borne vibration.

The turntable also benefits from a wonderfully resonance-free, heavy platter weighing in at an impressive 23 pounds. Just this platter weighs more than many turntables! The platter runs ultra-silently on an inverted ceramic ball bearing with magnetic suspension, providing exceptionally smooth operation and extremely low friction. The platter is also TPE damped for yet another level of isolation from room and/or rack vibration.

Together, the massive chassis and platter contribute to the impressive stability that the Signature 10 provides for precision, ultra-quiet vinyl playback. But you get convenience for pleasurable playback, too, via a pushbutton electronic control that lets you select 33 or 45 rpm speed. No fussing around with belts and pulleys. You get fingertip control.

Signature 10 Tonearm

The new Signature 10 tonearm boasts a unique 10" S-shaped tonearm with an SME headshell mount. It uses a single-pivot tonearm design, which Pro-Ject is justifiably proud of. With its wide range of adjustment possibilities and the choice of adequate counterweights, nearly all cartridges can be mounted.

All in all, the Signature 10 turntable is an audiophile marvel, which represents Pro-Jects primacy in precision engineering and the company's deep love for music. Three luxurious high gloss finish options are available: Mahogany, Piano Black, and Olive.

XLR Option  
Pro-Ject Audio Systems offers their highend turntables with premium 5pin/RCA unbalanced arm cable or Premium balanced 5pin/LR connection to Pro-Ject Phono Box RS preamplifier. Phono Box RS offers balanced phono inputs, what guarantees superior results in highend vinyl reproduction with a balanced signal source.  NOTE: The signal source and the receiving device have to be equipped with balanced connections. Transmission of audio signals in a balanced mode reduce the influence of interference due to external stray electric fields significantly.

Lots of outstanding detail solutions, a first-class tone arm and an untouchable  sound quality: At this price Signature 10surely is a hot tip!“ Okay, 5.000 Euro does not sound like a „special offer“, but this turntable surely fits into the 10.000 to 20.000 Euro class - LP Magazine

  • Mass loaded belt drive subchassis design
  • Magnetically decoupled main platter
  • Resonance optimised alloy with built-in TPE damping
  • Inverted main bearing with ceramic ball
  • Chassis with magnetic decoupling
  • Electronic speed control
  • 10” Single-pivot precision tonearm with  Detachable Headshell
  • High gloss metal surface

Special Package Fitted with Multi-Award Winning Ortofon Cadenza 

for Extra £1100 ( £1825 RRP ) Saving £725

or Cadenza Red for extra £550 ( £ 875 RRP ) Saving £ 325

475 x 188 x 350mm

Speed: 33, 45 RPM (Electronic Speed Change)
Motor Control System:  Precision Generator 
Platter:  10.40kg TPE Damped 
Main Bearing:  Ceramic (Ball/Plate), Magnetically Decoupled 
Tonearm:  10" Single Pivot 
Effective Arm Length/Overhang:  254.8mm/16mm 
Effective Arm Mass:  15.5g 
RCA Connectors: Gold-Plated 
Power Supply: 16V DC 1600mA
Standby:  <1 Watt 
Dimensions (WxHxD):   

Pro-Ject Turntables and Phono Products


Pro-Ject Audio Systems is known for its beautiful range of price-friendly turntables. As the largest turntable manufacturer in the world, the company has helped power the resurgence of vinyl, which is predicted to overtake CD in popularity within a few years. Pro-Ject also manufactures a Wide range of Quality hi-fi components.

Pro-Ject products are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject's manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country In cooperating with this company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, located in Vienna, found the ideal partner for their plans to produce the goods that they missed from amongst the vast flood of consumer hifi products - simple, uncluttered and utterly functional products.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world's leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many countries of the world customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology. Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. they are simple to use, maintanance free and will function reliably a lifetime long. They also offer extraordinary value

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