Pro-Ject High Power-IT Turntable Special Power Supply & Earthing Lead

Pro-Ject High Power-IT Turntable Special Power Supply & Earthing Lead

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Pro-Ject High Power-IT Turntable Special Power Supply & Earthing Lead
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Removes all earthing hum - Improves turntable motor stability - More enjoyable audio experience

A highly underestimated part of good sound is a clean power source. Noisy, unstable AC power makes turntable motors vibrate more and cause lots of mechanical noise on the audio output. It can also affect the speed stability of an AC turntable motor, degrading the quality of the playback speed. The High Power-IT solves these problems with its superior power supply design.

The High Power-IT is a three-pole power supply with a special earthing connection, immediately eliminating all earthing problems associated with turntable-based systems. Not only does it resolve issues within the turntable, but it also improves the performance with external electronics that may not have their own "true" earth connection. The inclusion of a grounding "pole" in the power supply connector means any radio-magnetic interference (RMI) introduced into the system is also led-to ground rather than interfering with the music. 

The overall result of a High Power-IT is a vinyl hi-fi system that can work to its fullest potential. The sound stage will open up, free of unwanted electrical noise from your mains power feed.

Key Features:
Upgrade power supply with special earthing connection
Removes all earthing hum
Leads unwanted RMI to ground
Improves turntable performance
More enjoyable experience
UK mains power cord included
Suits all 15V DC Pro-Ject turntables

Technical Data
Output: 15V / 2A
Input: 100-240V ~ 1A, max 50-60Hz
Input Type: 3-Point IEC 60320 (Kettle Lead)
Output Power: 30W (Max)
DC plug (OD, ID, L): 5.5 x 2.1 x 11 mm
DC cable length: 1.8m
Dimensions: 85 x 47 x 33 mm 
Weight: 180g (Without Power Cord)
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