Pro-Ject Align-IT - Protractor : Cartridge Alignment tool / Gauge + Test LP

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Pro-Ject Align-IT - Protractor : Cartridge Alignment tool / Gauge + Test LP
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This handy tool will make set up a breeze, allowing you to properly align your cartridge
Pro-Ject Align-It Cartridge Alignment Gauge
A Must-Have to Align Your Cartridge Perfectly
Setting up a turntable can be at times frustrating, perplexing and time-consuming. However, it has to be said that once you get everything correctly set up the rewards in terms of revealing all the music hidden in the depths off those grooves can be substantial. There are many bits of kit available to assist you in ‘doing the job’, but few actually tackle virtually every set-up parameter. However, one caveat needs to be brought into play before I go any further: there’s ‘more than one’ right way to set up an arm and cartridge combination, and that depends on whose ‘take’ on where the null points should be across the tracking arc (for a pivoted rather than tangential) arm.
Project’s Align-It allows you to monitor very carefully the set-up of your arm and cartridge, how to determine exactly the cartridge’s position (if your headshell has slots, or where to slide the baseplate on the arm).  You can easily see whether the stylus is vertical in every plane and as a result you can also see the effects of too high or low tracking weight. Although in some senses it’s not a cheap piece of kit for something ‘so simple’, the precision with which it must be manufactured undoubtedly costs a lot, and the ‘fit and finish’ means that the results will be consistent and predictable with repeated use on many different turntables over time. Highly Recommended. 2016 Best Products The Ear

 well deserved 4.5 Stars for Pro-Ject's Align-It cartridge alignment tool... Hi-Fi Choice
The Cartridge Alignment Tool from Pro-Ject is a handy tool that makes cartridge set-up a breeze, allowing you to quickly and properly align your cartridge. Suitable for tonearms between 8" and 12" effective length. Very accurate and simple to use. Includes an alignment mirror for checking azimuth.
Cartridge alignment tool  
• Tool for cartridge alignment and adjustment  
• Special slip-proof tool for defining the turning centre of Pro-Ject tonearms  
• Adaptable to accommodate differing tonearm lengths  
• Suitable for other manufacturers' tonearms  
• Suitable for tonearms between 8" (203mm) and 12"(305mm) effective length 
A useful, and professional-grade tool for perfect cartridge set-up and alignment. Suitable for cartridges on a variety of tonearms, from various manufacturers, this is a first-class tool for the caring and meticulous audiophile. 




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