Pro-Ject Wallmount-IT 1 (WMI) Turntable Wall Shelf ( 460 x 355 mm )

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Pro-Ject Wallmount-IT 1 (WMI) Turntable Wall Shelf ( 460 x 355 mm )
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Pro-Ject's Wallmount It 1 wall shelf is designed to prevent all unwanted vibrational interference from your turntable and help bring out the best performance from your hi-fi system.
Constructed from a solid welded steel frame with a black veneered wooden board shelf that floats atop the frame via four height adjustable spikes.
Surface Area (W x D): 460 x 355mm
Overall Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 90 x 415mm
For Turntables up to 30kilos
Resonance-free wall mount for turntables & Hifi
Playback of records free from any influence by impact noise and vibrating floors 
Elevate the Performance of Any Turntable
Pro-Ject's Wallmount-It 3 wall shelf keeps your turntable isolated from any vibrational interference which can prevent your system from achieving its true potential.
Constructed from a screwed steel frame, a black lacquered MDF board floats atop the frame via three height-adjustable spikes.
Pro-Ject's Wall Mount It  gives you everything you need to mount your turntable or other Hifi equipment to your wall, clearing up shelf or floor space.
In a word, yes! Unless you have a solid concrete floor and an extremely well isolated rack or cabinet then most turntables are going to be highly susceptible to vibration.
Acoustic Feedback  & Footfalls This is especially true of solid base or suspension-free designs that don't feature integral damping or Isolation
 In the worst cases this can mean that passing footfall or simply turning the volume up causes the stylus to skip.
But even if this isn't the case, reverberations from suspended floors can colour the sound and detract from the music's precision.
The answer is to mount your turntable on the wall where it's effectively isolated from these issues.
Better still, by moving the turntable away from the other electronics you're also less likely to suffer from the cartridge picking up electrical interference and the 'buzz' and 'hum' this can cause.
The Pro-Ject Wallmount IT  features dynamically balanced spikes for perfect isolation and stability. The thick, MDF support shelf is also extremely rigid to help further reduce mechanical vibrations from reaching your turntable.


If you have a turntable that's a statement of style then why not get a support to match!
Give your turntable the support it deserves and hear the music like you've never heard before, with the Pro-Ject Wallmount .
Keeps Pets & Children away from your Prized Turntable & delicate Stylus/Cantilever or add a Dust Cover for complete security & improved Looks
Ideal  In Multiples with your other Hifi Components for Effective Isolation & Performance & Looks

Pro-Ject Turntable Shown NOT Included


Pro-Ject Wallmount-IT 1 - Turntable Wall Shelf

..Pro-Ject Wallmount It 1 mounting instructions

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