Antiphone Blues - Arne Domnerus with Gustaf Sjokvist - SACD

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Antiphone Blues - Arne Domnerus with Gustaf Sjokvist - SACD
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Antiphone Blues combines the unlikely pairing of saxophone with pipe organ, and the results are—quite surprisingly—thrilling, to say the least! Arne Domnerus' sax has a remarkably realistic presence that must be experienced to be believed, and never seems overwhelmed by Gustaf Sjokvist's masterful playing of Sweden's Spanga Church organ.

The track selection here is quite eclectic, ranging from Arne Domnerus' own improvisations, to traditional Swedish hymns and African American spirituals. Several Duke Ellington tunes, as well as paraphrases of classical pieces by Schumann and Vivaldi are added for good measure. There's a sublimely spiritual overtone to the proceedings, which is in perfect keeping with the extremely spiritual (and spirited) performances.

Sound quality is, as usual for Proprius, superb,

Considered to be the best recording of saxophone performance in decades. Arne Domnerus, a living legend, is at the height of his mastery of the instrument. The sonic excellence brings about heartfelt emotion to a listener. 

    1. Almighty God
    2. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
    3. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
    4. Antiphone Blues
    5. Jag vet en dejlig rosa
    6. Traumerei
    7. Come Sunday
    8. Heaven
    9. Entonigr Klingar den Lilla Klockan
    10. Den signade dag
    11. Largo

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