Maxim Vengeroy - Vengerov & Virtuosi - 180g 2LP

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Maxim Vengeroy - Vengerov & Virtuosi - 180g 2LP
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Analogphonic - PWC2L-00005 - 180 Gram Virgin Vinyl - 

1st Time on Vinyl Limited Edition - 

Mastered by Hans-Jorg Mauksch  at Pauler Acoustic - Pressed at Pallas Germany

From the original masters of Warner Music
Violinist Maxim Vengerov is joined by Virtuosi, an ensemble of 11 violins lead by Mikhail Parhomovksy.
"This is above all a fun record — even more than most collections of violin lollipops a disc for those with a very sweet tooth... Here is a young violinist at the peak of his form enjoying himself from first to last in music undemanding on the ear if not the technique, outrageously showing off in a way that for most will be very endearing. Not that the playing is extrovert all the time... ‘Méditationi' from Massenet's Thaïs conveys a rare depth of feeling, making it more than just a lyrical interlude. With full, open recording, this winning young violinist's many devotees will no doubt have the same response as the enthusiastic Vienna audience. " — Gramophone
"He's supported by a pianist and the 11 violins of Virtuosi, who back him in this selection of encore pieces whose arrangements are sometimes clever, sometimes corny. At times, it all gets a bit much (innocent bystanders can be smothered in vibrato); at other times listeners who suspend their critical faculties can just enjoy it. Vengerov certainly seems to and so does the Viennese audience." 

"The latest disc from Maxim Vengerov offers some refreshingly "lite" listening. Each selection was arranged for Virtuosi (an ensemble consisting of 11 violins) by its leader, Mikhail Parhamovsky. Pianist Vag Papian joins in all the works, creating an interesting hybrid of violin/piano duo and chamber orchestra, an arrangement that works particularly well in Manuel Ponce's hot-blooded Estrellita, Schubert's tranquil Ave Maria, and Khachaturian's rollicking Sabre Dance. Just as effective are Antonio Bazzini's Le Ronde des Lutins, which comes off sounding like one of Schnittke's nervy Concerti Grossi, and a beautifully homespun rendering of Dvorák's Humoresque No. 7. Of special interest is Tchaikovsky's rarely-heard three-movement Souvenir d'un lieu cher. One of the composer's more restrained works, it nonetheless features some beautiful tunes, especially the melancholy Méditation.

"Vengerov continues his well-earned reputation for violin wizardry as he sets off fireworks in the more festive and volatile pieces (Novácek's Perpetuum Mobile, Monti's Csárdás), and displays a warm, lush lyricism for the gentler items, such as Rachmaninov's Vocalise, played as a duo at the start of the program. The live recording was made in Vienna's Musikvereinsaal, a location that is considerably more reverberant than was probably necessary for such a small ensemble. But given Vengerov's popularity, a smaller space, however suitable for recording, would not have accommodated so large a crowd. This collection holds appeal for classical specialists and novices alike, and especially for aficionados of fine violin playing." - Victor Carr Jr., ClassicsToday

Maxim Vengerov, violin
Vag Papian, piano
Virtuosi (11 violins)
Mikhail Parkhomovsky, conductor
Side A:
Sergei Rachmaninov
1. Vocalise Op. 34, No. 14
Manuel Ponce
2. Estrellita
Franz Schubert
3. Ave Maria, Op. 52, No. 6
Side B:
Johannes Brahms
Hungarian Dances
1. No. 7 in A Major
2. No. 1 in G minor
3. No. 5 in G minor
Ottokar Novacek
4. Perpetuum Mobile, Op. 5, No. 4
Antonin Dvorak
5. Humoreske in G Flat Major, Op. 101, No. 7
Side C:
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Souvenir D'un Lieu Cher, Op. 42 (Three Pieces for Violin and Piano)
1. Meditation
2. Melodie
3. Scherzo
Side D:
Antonio Bazzini
1. La Ronde Des Lutin, Op. 25
Aram Khachaturian
2. Sabre Dance
Jules Massenet
3. Meditation
Vittorio Monti
4. Csardas
Maxim Vengeroy - Vengerov & Virtuosi - 180g 2LP
60 Years Pallas
Audiophile Vinyl - Made in Germany  For over 60 years the family business in the third generation of the special personal service and quality "Made by Pallas" is known worldwide. Our custom PVC formulation produces consistently high pressing quality with the lowest surface noise in the industry. Our PVC complies with 2015 European environmental standards and does not contain toxic materials such as Lead, Cadmium or Toluene. Our vinyl is both audiophile and eco-grade! 

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