Rega Carbon Moving Magnet Cartridge MM

Rega Carbon Moving Magnet Cartridge MM

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Rega Carbon Moving Magnet Cartridge MM
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"audiophile performance at great price"

The Rega Carbon is a high quality, moving magnet pick-up cartridge designed to be simple to set up, easy to install and above all, accurately reproduce music. carbon cantilever
A cartridge offering unrivalled, outstanding performance at its price point!
Rega have worked hard on extracting even more performance from their range of cartridges - generating superior sound and dynamic quality at no extra cost over their predecessors
Supplied as standard on the RP1 turntable, the Carbon performs far beyond its budget price tag.
Output: 2.5mV at 1kHz
Stylus: User replaceable.
Fixing: Standard, two screws
Cantilever: Carbon
Colour: Black/White
Tracking Pressure 2-3g
Final verdict: The Carbon is a top-notch audiophile bargain! 
Given the price, even if one were to conclude that the Carbon didn’t do anything to improve on the bog standard AT-91, the fact that the Carbon comes substantially better packed and with better mounting hardware would easily sway the potential buyer’s decision in its favour.  I’m convinced that whatever I say about the Carbon, Rega is still going to sell tons of ’em. Every home should have one. - AudioFi

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