Jelco SA-750LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black

Jelco SA-750LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black

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Jelco SA-750LB 12" Inch Tonearm Black
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I had a feeling I might like the Jelco SA-750, but ended up quite taken aback at its sophisticated performance and sheer musicality. It is an easy arm to get the best from, simple to set up and beautifully built. However, what most surprised me with this review was the discovery that the SA-750D is only a little dearer than the SA-250 and SA-250ST. Excellent performers though these two designs are, I cannot help but feel that the extra hundred pounds or so buys you a sonic improvement that sounds much more. On this basis, not only is the Jelco SA-750D a very capable tonearm but also something of a bargain - HIFI World

Please note: Jelco Tonearm Not Supplied with Tonearm Cable

Ultimate 12",.

• Static balance "S" Shaped  
• Oil damped as standard  (oil supplied, you have the option of using it or not)
• Detachable SME type headshell
• Effective Length 305mm 

Jelco have been in business since 1920 and have manufactured tone-arms for the world's biggest-name turntable producers. Manufacturers that have marketed Jelco arms under their own names include Koetsu, Sumiko, Audioquest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham. In fact, Jelco manufactured the famous Sumiko MMT and the Linn Ittock II. 


They have an unenviable reputation for quality control,. The SA-750D uses the Linn mounting arrangement and is suitable for a wide range of cartridges, especially the Denon 103.
This was described in Hi Fi World December 2008 as "Jelco's new premium arm. 
This S-shaped device is essentially the classic and sought after Sumiko MMT reborn, and offers high quality bearings and construction together with a detachable headshell and an optional oil damping facility, all wrapped up in a seriously lovely black or chrome finish"
In most parts of the world detachable headshell arms are considered to be very good, this one certainly is.  You could put a £2,000 cartridge on it without any problems.  Or for the die hard 78rpm enthusiast, you could have a different cartridge and different sized stylus on a selection of headshells

verdict five globes HIFI World

Jelco may be best known for budget OEM arms, but the silky smooth SA-750D shows they can mix it in the higher echelons with ease.



- sonic uniformity

- engaging, revealing nature

- svelte musicality

- build and finish



- nothing at the price


Please note: Jelco tonearm are Not supplied with  Tonearm Cable 

Upgraded Sound & Performance with Jelco Premium Cables & Headshells.

Jelco HS-30 Rosewood Headshell           Jelco JAC - audiophile  neglex copper with gold plated Plugs

                                                                  Straight & 90Geg  Din & XLR

Jelco HS-30 Rosewood  Headshell              Jelco  JAC-501 Tonearm Cable - Straight Din Plug 1.2M       Jelco JAC 506XLR Tonearm Cable - XLR Balanced   Straight 1.2M

Full range of Tonearm Cables & MM/MC Cartridges can be Supplied

Full range of Tonearm Cables & MM/MC Cartridges can be Supplied

Tuntables and Cartridges  pictured ( NOT ) Included

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Ideal Match for Ortofon - Plug and Play  Cartridges  2M & SPU -  MM / MC Mono & Stereo   

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