La Primavera d'amore I trovatori XII-XIII sec: Gérard Zuchetto - SACD

La Primavera d'amore I trovatori XII-XIII sec: Gérard Zuchetto - SACD

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La Primavera d'amore I trovatori XII-XIII sec: Gérard Zuchetto - SACD
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La Primavera d'amore - Zuchetto, Brient, Khoudir
Gerard Zuchetto: voice, flutes, citole, oganistrum, harmonium indien, chalemie
Patrice Brient: guiterne, cistre, rebec, viele a archet
Jacques Khoudir: derboka, bendirs, idiophones
This release from Fone Records is an exquisite collection of troubadour songs from the 12th and 13th centuries. Gerard Zuchetto is an expert in both the compositional and performative aspects of the genre, and his collaboration with Patrice Brient and Jacques Khoudir on this recording gives us a window into some of the beautiful music from this era.
  "La Primavera d'amore , I trovatori XII-XIII sec" Raimon de Miraval, Raimbaut de Vaqueiras, Peire de la Cavarana, Guilhem Figueira, Bernart de Ventadorn, Guilhem de Peiteus, Albert Marques de Malaspina, Anon.
Gerard Zuchetto, La Primavera d'Amore: I trovatori XII-XIII sec is a GEM! It includes a song by Guilhem IX of Poitou & Aquitaine (Eleanor's grandfather), and a splendid tenso (conversation song) between Raimbaut de Vaqueiras and Albert, Marqués de Malaspina, husband of one of the Monferrat sisters. There's also a stunning number (the first I've heard of his) by Sordel de Goit (13C Italian trobador, the 'Sordello' of some of Browning and Pound's poems): Ailas, e que.m fau miey huelh. Great rhythm, very sensuous, would be fab to dance to...
This is the tenso in Occitan and English: Ara.m digatz, Raimbaut. It's a hoot! It's very much what in Scots is called a "flyting" - and it's hard to tell how much is playful banter, how much real malice.
Apparently Albert de Malaspina was a considerable trobador in his own right, but only this piece has survived. He was married to one of the Monferrat girls (an aunt of Baudouinet), but we don't know her first name. At one time, he had carried off a woman of the de Mar family (alluded to in this tenso), and his brother-in-law Boniface had had to rescue her and return her to her family in Genoa. It was Boniface who had knighted Vaqueiras for his courageous support on Henry VI's Sicilian campaign, as Albert mentions in the song.
Gérard Zuchetto
Patrice Brient
Jacques Khoudir
Track Listings
1. Un sonet m'es bel qu'espanda Raimon de Miraval
2. Una danseta Uc de sant Circ
3. Altas ondas Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
4. D'un sirventes faire Peire de la Cavarana
5. D'un sirventes far Guilhem Figueira
6. Tant ai ame Conon de Bethune
7. Quan vei la lauzeta Bernart de Ventadorn
8. Ara lausatz Anonyme
9. Ab la doussor del temps novel Guilhem de Peiteus
10. Ara-m digatz senher Raimbaut Albert Marques de Malaspina
11. Calenda maia Raimbaut de Vaqueiras
12. Ai las e que-m fan mei uelhs Sordel
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