Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard - Batman Begins OST - 180g 2LP

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Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard - Batman Begins OST - 180g 2LP
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Batman Begins: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the first film soundtrack in the Batman film triology starring Christian Bale. Director Christopher Nolan's 2005 film "Batman Begins," was originally released in June 2005. 
This is a first time ever  vinyl release for this much admired and innovative Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard score.
Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s moody, intense score perfectly complements director Christopher Nolan’s dark world. In "Batman Begins," Christopher Nolan has re-worked the character and the gothic/art-deco land of the previous films has been replaced with a more believable world. Here, the composers have produced a perfect sound palette and have successfully tapped into the psychological aspects of the story as well as the psyche of the main character himself.
Hans Zimmer comments: "I really turned the orchestra basically on its head. In a funny way I made the orchestra more into the electronics and the electronics more into the orchestra. It's hard to explain, but the orchestra never got to play the way a normal orchestra plays."
"Something of a landmark score thanks to the heavyweight composer team-up, fears of overkill are soon allayed: the result is an outright success...The division is clear: Zimmer takes care of the action, dominated by his signature thunderous percussion and a thoroughly effective two-note motif that works a treat, while Howard's luscious, string-drenched cues amply capture the film's more intense, haunting moments. When Zimmer claimed this was "unmistakably Batman", he wasn't kidding." — Empire Magazine
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